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There is so much variety in Thai cuisine that it might be difficult to decide what to order and what you would like the most. Their curry is one of their most popular meals. If you don’t like spicy dishes, knowing which curry is the hottest is important.

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This article will go through the many varieties of Thai curries and where they fall on the mild to spicy scale.

What Are The Most Common Types Of Thai Curries?

Thai curries are classified into three categories. There are three types of curries: red curries, yellow curries, and green curries.

The three curries vary in terms of how mild or spicy they are. The colors and ingredient lists of the three curries also vary.

How Many Types Of Thai Curry Are There?

The answer is that there are five different varieties of curry in Thai cuisine.

Following are some specifics regarding the five varieties of Thai curry:

  • Green curry: Due to its striking hue, green curry is one of the most identifiable curries. Green curry is creamy and has a light green color rather than a dark green color. This curry is frequently flavored with coriander grains, cumin, lemongrass, ginger, and chile, and it is mildly spicy. While green curry has a little spicy taste, it also includes coconut milk, which makes it sweet. Green curry gets its unique green color from the green peppers that are a key component in the curry paste. Green curry complements chicken and other meat meals. Green curry may also be served with bay leaves or kaffir leaves, which add flavor to the dish.
  • Red curry: In many aspects, red curry is similar to green curry. As compared to green curry, red curry has a hotter flavor. This is due to the fact that red curry paste includes more red peppers. These red peppers give red curry its vibrant color as well as its spicy taste. The components in red curry are fairly similar to those in green curry. Red curry, like green curry, has coriander seeds, cumin, lemongrass, ginger, and coconut milk. This is one of Thailand’s most popular curries. When coupled with meat dishes like chicken or beef, it is a fantastic fit.
  • Yellow curry: While yellow curry is the most comparable to Indian curry, it is still a popular curry in Thai cuisine. Yellow curry incorporates a lot of coconut milk, which makes the overall flavor softer while also giving the curry a creamy texture. Yellow curry derives its unique yellow taste from the use of strong spices such as turmeric. Turmeric has a sweet yet slightly spicy taste that complements coriander grains. Yellow curry, like red and green curry, pairs well with meat meals and even fish dishes due to its milder flavor.
  • Massaman curry differs somewhat from red, green, and yellow curry. It is a really aromatic curry with a little extra heat. Coriander seeds, cumin, cloves, cinnamon, and lemongrass are among the spices used to make massaman curry. The curry itself is a dark tint that resembles yellow curry in appearance. Massaman curry pairs well with beef and other meats such as lamb and chicken.
  • Panang curry: In terms of ingredients, panang curry is extremely similar to red curry. Panang curry differs from red curry in that it contains peanuts, which give the curry a somewhat nutty taste. This curry also contains coriander grains, cumin, lemongrass, kaffir lime leaves, ginger, and coconut milk. Panang curry, like red curry, is a brilliantly colored curry with an orange hue. Panang curry has a spicy taste with hints of sweetness.

Which Is The Tastiest Thai Curry?

The best Thai curry depends entirely on your particular preferences, such as whether you like spicy or somewhat sweeter curries.

According to popular opinion, Massaman curry is the best curry of all. It’s not very hot and one of the sweeter Thai curries. When a Thai curry is not extremely hot, the curry’s tastes may be savored. The components for massaman curry are coconut milk, pork, potatoes, and a curry paste made with roasted spices.

What Is A Mild Thai Curry?

Below is a complete list of the mildest curry varieties known in Thai cuisine:

  • Northern Thai Burmese Curry: Northern Thai Burmese curry is a somewhat sweet and sour pork belly stew. Northern Thai Burmese curry is not the same as green, yellow, or red Thai curries. Coriander, black pepper, cumin, cardamom, and cinnamon flavor the stew-like curry.
  • Panang Beef Curry: Panang curry is one of Thailand’s most popular curry recipes. The inclusion of spices like as cardamom, cumin, and coriander seed gives Panang curry its unique characteristics. It’s a creamy curry with a little kick.
  • Massaman Curry with Beef: The Massaman curry is a one-of-a-kind curry that is similar to a beef stew. This dish is classified as a mild curry with creamy coconut that adds sweetness to the stew. The Massaman curry is loaded with tender meat and potatoes.

Which Thai Curry Is Healthiest?

The Jungle Curry is the healthiest Thai curry.

This dish is produced with a creamy coconut milk, water, and broth mixture. This combination reduces the calories and harmful fat in the Jungle Curry.

The Colors of Thai Curry

Which Thai Curry Is Yellow?

One of the most popular yellow curries is kaeng lueang. In Thai, kaeng lueang literally translates to “yellow curry.” The Kaeng lueang curry is a sour curry with a spicy and biting flavor.

What Is The Difference Between Thai Red And Green Curry?

Apart from the apparent color difference, the most significant distinction between a red curry and a green curry is the number of red chilies in each.

Red curry includes more red chile and is hence hotter.

What’s The Difference Between Yellow And Green Curry?

Yellow curry is the most common form of curry eaten in Western nations. Yellow curry has a lot of turmeric, which is quite beneficial to the health.

Green curry is much spicier than yellow curry, so the two curries have very different flavors.

What Is The Difference Between Red And Panang Curry?

As compared to red curry, panang curry is more sweeter and milder. Red curry has a higher spice concentration and hence a higher heat level.

Which Is Hotter Red Or Green Or Yellow Curry?

Is green curry hotter than yellow curry? Because of the number of red peppers and chilies used in its paste, red curry is the hottest of the three.

Is Red Curry Or Panang Curry Hotter?

As compared to red curry, Panang curry is more sweeter and more flavorful. Red curry is hotter than Panang curry because Panang curry lacks the same quantity of red chilis and red peppers as red curry. Panang curry also includes additional coconut milk, which is used to make a curry creamier and milder.


What Are The Types Of Thai Curry?

Thai curries are classified into numerous categories, including Green Curry, Red Curry, Yellow Curry, Massaman Curry, and Panang Curry. There are variants of the foods among these many varieties of Thai curry.

Which Curry Is The Hottest

The hottest dish you may try is the Phaal Curry. The hottest Indian dish is the Phaal curry, which is regarded the hottest curry in the world. The Phaal curry is regarded the hottest in the world since it is cooked using the hottest chili in the world, Bhut Jolokia. Phaal curry is a British Asian curry that originated in the city of Birmingham.

Have Some Delicious Thai Curry Today!

If you are sensitive to hot and spicy curries, we recommend avoiding red Thai curries, which include more red chili pepper. Yellow curry kinds are milder since they include coconut milk and may be a better option.

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Which Thai curry is hottest?

Thai green curry is named because its vibrant color and incorporates a variety of veggies as well as coconut milk to cut through the spiciness. The Thai Green Curry, which is made with young chillies, basil, and coriander to give it its brilliant color, is regarded the hottest and is a favorite among Thai cuisine lovers.

What order of hotness is Thai curry?

Thai yellow curry is the mildest, Thai red curry is medium-hot, and Thai green curry is spicy, however this might vary depending on where you are in Thailand.

Which Thai curry is least spicy?

The mildest curry is yellow curry, which is often prepared with coriander, cumin, lemongrass, ginger, garlic, and yellow or red chile. This curry has a deep flavor with sweet and mild ingredients in addition to coconut milk.

What is red vs green vs massaman curry?

Red Curry is a vibrant curry that is strongly spiced with dried red chilis. Green Curry is made with fresh green chilies and is bright and herbaceous thanks to fresh cilantro root and makrut lime leaves. Massaman Curry is mildly spicy and packed with Indian spices like cinnamon and cardamom.

Which is the hottest red or green Thai curry?

Although the spiciness of the meal varies depending on the cook, red curry is often spicier than green curry. Red curry is more adaptable, whilst green curry has more distinct tastes.

How spicy is panang curry?

Panang curry isn’t typically a hot curry meal, but spicy cuisine enthusiasts may simply amp up the heat with the addition of spicier chili peppers. Most recipes call for red bell peppers, but to fulfill that zesty urge, I often use either hot Thai chilies or bird’s eye chilies.

Which is sweeter red or green Thai curry?

Green curry is also known as ‘Gaeng Keaw Whan,’ which translates as ‘curry green sweet.’ The green curry paste is especially sweet since it is created with sweet coriander root, which makes the green Thai curry significantly milder in flavor.

What is the difference between Thai red curry and panang curry?

Panang curry is not as hot and spicy as red curry because it contains less red chilies, which are abundant in traditional red curry. Panang curry is the sweetest curry because it combines the flavors of coconut milk and peanuts.

What is green vs red vs panang curry?

Green curry has a higher liquid content than Panang curry, but it is also more hotter. Green chilies are really hotter than red chilies, contrary to popular belief. Green curry is also more flavorful, as opposed to Panang curry, which is sweeter (because to the peanuts) and has a gentler heat.

What is the best Thai curry to try first?

If you’ve never had Thai curry before, the yellow curry is a great place to start. The vivid yellow hue comes from turmeric spices and yellow mustard seeds. The yellow curry is not always consistent. But, you can always count on a creamy flavor generated by the coconut milk.

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