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Serving and side dish suggestions for butter chicken. Discover what to offer with butter chicken today, from basmati rice to kachumber salad, handmade naan bread to samosas.

One of the finest comfort dishes in Indian cuisine is butter chicken. The meal has tender chicken bits in a silky tomato sauce that is rich and creamy owing to the use of butter.

Serve one of these side dishes with your excellent Indian supper to round it out.

Naan Bread

Naan is a sort of Indian flatbread that is eaten with various dishes in Indian restaurants and homes. It’s soft and pillowy, and it’s ideal for mopping up curry sauces like the one that comes with butter chicken.

Naan is available in most stores or may be easily made at home. Combine the active yeast, flour, yogurt, salt, and oil to make the batter. Form into discs and fry in a heated skillet.

Basmati Rice

Another mainstay on Indian meals is basmati rice. The pillowy, fragrant grains are tasty yet mild, so the dish does not overpower the butter chicken and aids in the absorption of the sauce.

Most stores sell basmati rice, and the container will generally provide directions for making these delightful grains. Cook until the rice is cooked and has absorbed all of the liquid.

Onion Bhajis

Onion bhajis are fritters that are delicious as a snack, appetizer, or side dish. The crunchy texture and strongly flavorful taste complement the creaminess and mild flavor of the butter chicken.

Begin by thinly slicing onions and combining them with gram flour, coriander leaves, and spices to produce this takeaway favorite. Allow the mixture to settle, then wring out any excess moisture before forming fritters and frying until brown.


Papadums are another form of Indian flatbread that may be used to mop up butter chicken sauce. The distinction between the two is that papadum is fried till crispy, whilst naan is pillowy and soft.

Combine gram flour, salt, and vegetable oil to create papadums. Form the dough into flatbreads, let to dry, and then cook until crispy.

Kachumber Salad

A fresh vegetable salad, such as kachumber salad, may cut through the richness of butter chicken, resulting in a nutritious, balanced lunch. Kachumber salad is a traditional Indian side dish that consists of a simple yet tasty chopped salad.

Chop your veggies, generally onion, tomato, and cucumber, to prepare Kachumber salad. To bring out the freshness, season with lemon juice and Himalayan salt.


You must begin your night with samosas if you want to duplicate a complete takeout-style meal at home. Samosas are fried cone-shaped pastries popular in South Asian cuisine.

The beautiful thing about preparing samosas at home is that you can use any filling you like, but spiced potatoes and peas are the most usual. You may use wonton wrappers or prepare your own dough with flour, salt, carom seeds, and ghee. Fill the dough with the filling, shape into triangles, and fry.

Aloo Gobi

One of the most famous vegetable recipes in South Asia is aloo gobi. This thick, spicy recipe has potatoes, cauliflower, and an abundance of spices. The spicy taste balances out the mildness of the butter chicken, while the robust veggies round out the meal.

Chop the potatoes and cauliflower into bits for the aloo gobi. Sauté the aromatics (onion, garlic, green chile, and ginger) before adding the veggies and seasoning to taste.


Another popular item on Indian takeaway menus is vegetable pakora. This crunchy, fried appetizer will whet your appetite before plunging into a luscious platter of butter chicken.

Pakora may be made with any veggies, although the most frequent are potatoes and onions. Cut the veggies finely and combine them. Combine the cut veggies with spices like carom seeds, then cover with gram flour and fried till crispy.

Peas Pulao

Rice dishes are often served with butter chicken to help absorb up the sauce. Instead of regular basmati rice, consider preparing peas pulao, a fragrant rice meal.

Peas, onions, basmati rice, and a variety of aromatics and spices are required. Caramelize the onions before adding the peas and rice and cooking with water until the grains are cooked and fluffy.

Mango Chutney

Chutneys are spreads and dips eaten with flatbreads in Indian cuisine. This chutney’s sweet taste complements the subtle sweetness of the butter chicken.

Mango chutney is available at many Indian grocery shops, or you may make your own using mangos, a variety of spices and aromatics, sugar, and white vinegar. Sauté the aromatics, then add the other ingredients and cook until the mango is cooked. Allow to cool after blending.

Cucumber Raita

A raita is a popular Indian side dish or dip composed with dahi, which is similar to yogurt, and chopped veggies. One of the most prevalent is cucumber raita, which provides a refreshing accompaniment to the comforting tastes of butter chicken.

Chop or grate cucumbers to create your own cucumber raita. Mix in minimum spices like cumin and chopped herbs like coriander to plain yogurt until smooth.


Saag is the term given to a range of Indian meals prepared from cooked leafy greens that resemble a puree. If you wish to add some veggies to your butter chicken, offer saag with it. This dish’s subtle sharpness cuts through the creamy richness of butter chicken.

Saag may be made with nearly any green, although the most frequent are mustard greens and spinach. Cook the greens with the toasted spices until soft.

Yellow Dal

Dal is a creamy, warm Indian soup prepared from lentils and other pulses. One of the most frequent is yellow dal, which is formed from yellow lentils that simmer soft and creamy. The dish’s starchiness, paired with the butter chicken, provides for a full supper.

Yellow dal requires onion, tomatoes, and a variety of spices in addition to lentils. Cook until the lentils are mushy and creamy, about 20 minutes.


Do you want to feel like king when you eat butter chicken? You can if you serve it with biryani, a traditional rice dish in Mughal rulers’ courts.

To prepare biryani, you’ll need basmati rice, aromatics, spices, and your choice of protein or veggies. Cook, stirring occasionally, until the rice is rich, aromatic, and soft.

Punjabi Fried Bread

Bread is often served with butter chicken to help mop up the sauce. If you do not wish to offer plain naan, use Punjabi fried bread called bhatura. The crunchy but pillowy texture complements creamy sauces like butter chicken.

You may prepare your own fried bread by combining gram and semolina flours, yogurt, shredded potato, and baking powder in a batter. Allow the batter to settle before forming it into discs and frying it.


What is a good side dish for butter chicken?

Rosemary bread, gluten-free bread, cilantro lime rice, brown rice, cauliflower tots, scalloped potatoes, steamed vegetables, blooming onion, tostadas, broccoli, onion bhajis, naan bread, chapati, samosa, cucumber raita, mint chutney, garlic breadsticks, and saag are the best side dishes to serve with butter chicken.

What can be used as a side dish?

Smashed potatoes with garlic and herb butter.
risoni “Spanakopita”
Tahini dressing on rainbow slaw.
Mashed cauliflower.
Salad with Asian soft noodle cabbage.
Cornbread with jalapeos.
Salad with Asian chicken.
Roasted parsnips with caramelized sugar.

What goes well with Indian curry?

Take a bite!
Flatbread. Nothing beats a deliciously soft and scrumptious naan for soaking up a superb curry.
Rice. “Of course rice is a curry accompaniment!” you would think, but don’t be deceived.

Is butter chicken a healthy dish?

Saturated fat consumption raises blood cholesterol levels and increases the risk of heart disease. Depending on the recipe, one serving of butter chicken may contain up to 28 grams of total fat and 12 grams of saturated fat. If you’re trying to lose weight, skip the Butter Chicken.

What veggies go well with Indian food?

What veggies complement Indian cuisine? Aloo Gobi (Cauliflower + Potatoes), Bhindi (Okra), Palak (Spinach), and a range of others such as Cabbage, Green Beans, Eggplant, and Squash are some of the most popular vegetable dishes from India that combine with all Indian meals.

Do you eat Butter Chicken with rice or naan?

Rice is also an excellent side dish to offer with Indian Butter Chicken since it absorbs all of the delectable Butter Chicken Sauce. Rice is an excellent replacement for handmade naan when I don’t have time to prepare it. If you’re searching for a side dish to accompany this meal, I recommend a large green salad.

Do you put potatoes in butter chicken?

Cook for 10-20 seconds after adding the garlic and ginger. Cook the chicken for 1-2 minutes, stirring often. Combine the potatoes, spices (coriander, garam masala, turmeric, salt, and paprika), tomato sauce, and coconut milk in a large mixing bowl.

Does butter chicken usually come with rice?

Yes, rice is always served with these recipes.

What is a fancy name for butter chicken?

Butter chicken, also known as murgh makhani in Hindi, is a famous Indian dish. Kundan Lal Gujral, a chef at Delhi’s Moti Mahal restaurant, invented it in 1947. Although the term murgh makhani means “butter chicken,” it has nothing to do with butter.

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