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Fortunately, making Harry Potter cupcakes isn’t as difficult as you would think. Moreover, there are several possibilities you may explore or experiment with! Therefore, whether you’re preparing Harry Potter birthday cupcakes or Harry Potter baby shower cupcakes, this post has something for you. With that stated, let us board the train to Hogwarts in search of the ultimate cupcake ideas!

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Harry Potter Cupcake Ideas

1) Harry Potter Cupcakes Toppers

Cake toppers are perhaps the simplest method to quickly improve any cupcake, Harry Potter or otherwise. What more can you do to help them rise even higher? You may, however, manufacture them yourself!

This video from YouTube channel Krazy Kool Cakes And Designs includes a step-by-step guide for crafting six distinct Harry Potter-inspired cake toppers. To top it all off (intentionally), these cupcake toppers are entirely edible! Use these cupcake toppers with your favorite cupcake recipe. These alcoholic cupcakes are my favorite, although they may not be the ideal option for a kids’ party.

If you want to make cake toppers but don’t want to go through the trouble of creating them yourself, go under Other Harry Potter DIYs for links to ready-made cupcake toppers. Although not all of them are delicious, they are much more convenient and time-saving than creating your own!

2) Sorting Hat Cupcakes

These sorting hat cupcakes, maybe the most imaginative of the bunch, don’t need as much effort as crafting all of the other edible cupcake toppers. The concept behind these is that as you bite into them, the color of the filling reveals your residence. Handmade sorting hats adorn the cupcakes once again.

If you don’t want to build them by hand, you may purchase (inedible) sorting hat cake toppers online. You may alternatively create just the sorting hat and forgo the house-filling. Check out the Tastemade post I just linked to to discover how to bake Harry Potter sorting hat cupcakes.

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3) Harry Potter Butterbeer Cupcakes

Butterbeer cupcakes bring the tastes of Hogwarts to you in the shape of a delectable tiny fairy cake. The greatest part is that a butter beer cupcake recipe may be used for any kind of Harry Potter-themed embellishment! If you wish to combine two concepts from the list, there are lots of alternatives for you. This butterbeer sorting hat cupcake recipe is the finest I’ve discovered, but there are several others, including instructions for creating butter beer icing. But more on it later!

4) Harry Potter House Cupcakes

If you want to learn how to bake harry potter house reveal cupcakes but aren’t a fan of the sorting hat cupcake designs, you may easily make some changes. Just use one of the recipes provided below Number 2, but don’t include the sorting hat. Cover with your favorite topper or just ice to conceal the colors underneath.

You may also play with the insides, changing them to any filling you like. Different colored M&Ms are popular, but you can do this with any candy or kind of icing.

5) Easy Harry Potter Cupcakes

If you’re still undecided about what to do with your cupcakes, check out the video below from Craft Factory for some more ideas. This even contains a fondant-covered mandrake cupcake! Look around and see what you can do to spice up your Harry Potter cupcakes.

Other Harry Potter Baking DIYs

If your cupcakes are still lacking something, check out this list of other products you can acquire to complete your Harry Potter-themed birthday celebration. Or, consider these themed birthday party kits!

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1) Candles – Birthday Or Not!

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These Harry Potter house candles are ideal for any event, but they will make birthdays particularly memorable. Don’t worry if you’re searching for something a bit different; there’s plenty more out there! These charming Cinereplica character candles appeal to me.

2) Readymade Toppers And Wafers

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You’re in luck if you’d rather purchase ready-made cake toppers! They’re probably the simplest to find and have the greatest diversity. House wafers, birthday cake toppers, and even other edible movie wafers are readily available!

3) Cake Wraps

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Cake wrappers are a quick and easy technique to make your cake seem more professional. Wrap the side of your birthday cake with this reusable ribbon cake wrapper to conceal the layers of contents!

In addition to the one I linked to above, there are others for particular homes and other Harry Potter-themed ideas.

How To Make Harry Potter Cupcakes – Easy Golden Snitch Cakes

Serves a large number of individuals

Prep Time:
10 – 20 mins

These golden snitch Harry Potter cupcakes, which are also reaching the cake-topper category, are possibly the simplest.

What You Will Need

Store-bought or homemade cupcakes
Icing (optional) cake
Original Ferrero Rocher bonbons
Golden or white paper
Glue or double-sided tape
Snitch wings (optional)


1) Prep Your Cupcakes

The first step is basically dependent on what you’re working with; if you’re going to create your own cupcakes, I suggest going with a Harry Potter-inspired flavour. You may also do this with the icing instead, which is very beneficial if you purchased a pack of cupcakes. Stick to the theme with this butterbeer buttercream recipe for your cupcake icing.

2) Prep Your Snitches

Let your cupcakes to rest in a cool area after they’ve been created and iced while you work on the following few stages. To begin preparing your snitches, remove the Ferrero Rocher stickers from all of your bonbons. Finally, peel off the brown wrappers, leaving each bonbon looking like a little golden ball.

3) Making The Wings

Use a toothpick, your preferred glue, and the paper to form the wings for your snitch-to-be. You won’t have to worry about this following step if you use these golden snitch wings from Amazon. Fold the paper into lengthy semicircles, then glue or tape the toothpicks within the fold. Make sure a portion of the tooth pick is visible. After fastened, cut strips into the bottom half of the wings as shown above. All that remains is to connect them!

4) Attaching The Wings And Finishing

The next step is to affix the wings to the bonbons, whether they are the Amazon version or paper wings. Just insert the toothpick ends of both wings into each side of the snitch to make the toothpick wings. If you’re using the golden wings from Amazon, glue them to the top of the Ferrero balls using double sided tape. Next, just arrange your snitches onto the cupcakes. That is all there is to it! Serve them with Hogwarts acceptance letter-themed Harry Potter biscuits.

Harry Potter Cupcakes – What Should I Do?

The great thing about baking Homemade themed cupcakes is that your ingenuity (or that of others) is your limit. If you really want to go all out, prepare house-reveal butter beer-flavored cupcakes with matching icing and hand-made Harry Potter edible toppers! It’s also excellent the other way around: if you’re too busy preparing everything else that comes with a themed party, you can rely on ready-made cake toppers, wrappers, wafers, and party packs. It’s a win-win situation in any case!


What flavors are in Harry Potter inspired cupcakes?

These butterbeer cupcakes will transport you to Harry Potter’s wizarding realm. They’re light and fluffy cupcakes with a butterbeer reduction, butterscotch, vanilla, and butter flavoring, butterscotch buttercream frosting, and butterscotch ganache drizzle.

What are the names of the Harry Potter cupcakes?

Each butterbeer cupcake has a hoard of red, green, blue, or yellow candy drops (representing each of the four Hogwarts houses) that are concealed behind a swirl of butterbeer-flavored buttercream until bitten into. They’re a wonderful method for fans to learn about their home.

How can I make my cupcakes appealing?

6 Simple Tricks to Make Cupcakes Appear More Delectable
1 Coat with sugar. One of the simplest methods to make your cupcake or cake more appealing is to just sprinkle sugar on top.
2 Sprinkle with grated cheese… 3 Top with a crispy topping.
4 Prepare the icing.
5 Drizzle with melted chocolate.
6 Let it alone.
Aug 20, 2019

What is Draco’s favorite cake?

Draco receives a plain vanilla cake with white icing. It’s straightforward. It’s timeless. Would Lucius agree to it?

What is the most popular Flavour of cupcake?

Vanilla cupcakes are the most popular of all flavors. Vanilla cupcakes are the ideal basis for any other flavor, allowing you to experiment with various toppings. They’re often topped with vanilla icing, but for a unique twist, try caramel or chocolate frosting instead!

What paper is best for cupcake toppers?

You should use cardstock paper, which is somewhat thicker than regular printer paper.

What is Luna Lovegood’s favorite dessert?

What’s the point of pudding? Because their new favorite J.K. Rowling character, Luna Lovegood, likes pudding.

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