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Tirokafteri is a deliciously tangy, spicy dip that will amaze any visitor, so be sure to use the real tirokafteri recipe I’ve included below! Prepare this excellent sauce and serve it with hummus and tzatziki for a sophisticated, well-rounded meze!

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What Is Tirokafteri Sauce?

If you’re here for this recipe, I’m assuming you’re already familiar with tirokafteri. If this is the case, go to the recipe at the bottom to discover how to prepare this incredible dip.

Yet, for those who are interested, tirokafteri is a spicy, cheesy Greek dip. In fact, tirokafteri literally means “hot cheese”!

In certain parts of Greece, it is also known as ktipiti or tirosalata, and it is also spelled tyrokafteri.

Usually cooked with feta cheese, olive oil, Greek yoghurt, and crushed peppers, there are other variants based on family traditions and personal taste. Among other things, you may use roasted peppers, spicy peppers, lemon juice and zest, oregano, garlic, black pepper, and salt!

Tirokafteri is often served as an appetizer or meze, and may be eaten with warmed pita bread and other similar items.

Although it is intended to be a chilly appetizer or side dish, many people say it goes well with beans and meat.

What To Eat With Tirokafteri – 5 Things To Serve With Tirokafteri

  1. Tzatziki

    Tzatziki, like tirokafteri, is a Greek dip that is also served with mezes. It’s created with cucumber, yoghurt, and a few other ingredients, and it has a refreshing flavor with a creamy texture. It goes great with tirokafteri for dipping diversity.

  2. Hummus

    Hummus is another another fantastic dip on this list (and my personal fave!). It’s delectably tart, rich but light, and has a distinct texture. Add it in your tirokafteri appetizer for a cooler, tangier alternative.

  3. Bread pita

    Pita bread is ideal, but any crusty bread or flatbread would suffice. These blander breads are perfect for spooning sauce into your mouth! Despite the cultural differences, I like using naan bread in instead of pita!

  4. fried potatoes, cubed

    Although it may seem to be out of place, fried potatoes are ideal for serving with tirokafteri. Just chop your potatoes into little cubes, soak, towel dry, and fry for fluffy potato cubes with crispy edges.

  5. Seeds of Pomegranate

    Similarly, pomegranate seeds may seem out of place, but they may be a fantastic substitute for the pine nut garnish indicated below. Their sweetness complements and balances the sour flavor of the tirokafteri, and adds a nice crunch to the otherwise smooth sauce.

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Tirokafteri Nutrition

Tirokafteri Calories

Although this varies depending on the recipe, one serving of tirokafteri should contain around 60 calories. Again, owing to changes in components and proportions, this, as well as nutritional value, may readily alter.

1 serving of tirokafteri includes around 2 grams of total carbohydrates, 2 grams of net carbs, 5 grams of fat, and 2 grams of protein.

Tirokafteri Recipe – Greek Feta Dip

Serves a large number of individuals

Prep Time:
10 mins

Dimitras Dishes, a YouTube channel, created the dish I’ve decided to present today. Her tirokafteri with roasted red peppers dish is fast and simple to make, and it is entirely customizable to your tastes.

Try this real tirokafteri dish cooked to further warm your tastes! The recipe below is merely a transcribed version of Dimitra’s video that I created for your convenience.

Now that it’s out of the way, let’s get started!

Tirokafteri Recipe Greek

Tirokafteri Ingredients

Roasted red peppers to taste (optional)
Crushed red pepper flakes to taste
Black pepper to taste
Half a pot of greek yoghurt
1 small bowl full of ricotta
1 medium heaping bowl of feta
½ of a large lemon
Olive oil
Pine nuts (optional)
Fresh bell pepper, sliced horizontally (optional)
Salt (optional)


Making Greek Tirokafteri


In a blender, combine all of the ingredients except the bell pepper, salt, and pine nuts. While mixing, drizzle in a tablespoon or two of olive oil. Finally, squeeze the lemon over your blender while keeping a hand underneath it to collect any seeds.

Taste and season

When everything has been well combined, taste the sauce and adjust the spices as required. At this time, you may season with salt if desired. If you added anything, give the blender a quick pulse to combine everything.

Garnish and serve

To conclude, pour your tirokafteri into a serving dish and top with extra virgin olive oil or olive oil, pine nuts, and fresh bell pepper slices!


What is tirokafteri?

Tirokafteri is a spicy, cheesy Greek dip. In certain parts of Greece, it is also known as ktipiti or tirosalata, and it is also spelled tyrokafteri.

How many calories in tirokafteri?

One serving of tirokafteri has around 60 calories.

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Tirokafteri Greek Dip – What Is It, And Is It Worth Making?

Tirokafteri is a colorful, acidic, and flavorful Greek dip that is second only to tzatziki in popularity. It’s usually served as an appetizer, although it goes well with certain meat and veggie entrees.

So, what is the catch?

Fortunately, there aren’t any with tirokafteri! It’s not only easy to make, but it’s also fast. This sauce comes together much faster than homemade hummus!

The cherry on top is the degree of control that comes with creating it yourself; you can add or remove whatever ingredients you want, experiment with the taste, or maintain the heat level to your liking.

With all of this in mind, it seems that creating tirokafteri is well worth the effort. So go to work!


What is tirokafteri made of?

The dish’s preparation varies, but the most typical components are feta cheese (often coupled with one or more other kinds of soft, white cheeses), hot peppers (such as red cherry peppers), roasted peppers, olive oil, lemon juice, garlic, yogurt, oregano, and roasted peppers.

What does tirokafteri taste like?

Tirokafteri has a peppery, somewhat salty flavor with a hint of olive oil. Aside for feta, it may be paired with various varieties of soft white cheese (such as lefko tiri) or yogurt.

What is the meaning of kafteri?

In Greek, “Tiri” or “Tyri” means “cheese,” while “kafteri” means “spicy.”

Can you freeze tirokafteri?

Citrus fruit dries up rapidly after zested, so store it in the fridge and utilize it within a few days. If you prefer, slice or juice and freeze for later use. Tirokafteri will keep in a sealed container in the fridge for 3 days. But, I do not advise freezing.

What is Tirokafteri Turkish?

Tirokafteri is a fiery, salty, and tangy Whipped Feta Dip prepared with fresh roasted red peppers, feta cheese, vinegar, and olive oil. It takes 15 minutes to prepare and is often served with warm freshly cooked Greek Pita Bread or as part of a Mediterranean mezze platter.

What is the history of Tirokafteri?

Tirokafteri is a Greek meal that consists of feta cheese, chili peppers, and other ingredients. In Greece and Cyprus, it is typically served as a meze, or appetizer. The dish first appeared in the Cyclades islands, where it was cooked with sheep’s milk cheese.

What is the rubbery Greek cheese?


It is a semi-hard, rubbery, squeaky cheese with a rectangular or semicircular form that is generally folded. Because to its high melting point, halloumi may be grilled, boiled, or fried without melting. It is delicious raw or fresh with fruit and white wine.

What is the squeaky Greek cheese?

, Greek: o, romanized: halomi; Turkish: hellim) is a typical Cyprus cheese prepared from goat’s, sheep’s, and sometimes cow’s milk. It is characterized as having a squeaky texture. həˈluːmi Halloumi (sometimes spelled haloumi)

Which feta is creamier?

Danish feta has a gentler, creamier texture and is derived from cow’s milk. Many people prefer the creamier, smoother texture of ‘Danish-style’ feta, which is manufactured using the ultrafiltration process, over the real feta. For dishes requiring a smoother finish, Danish-style feta may be used.

How long does feta last in the fridge?

Opened. Any remaining feta will keep in the refrigerated for 5-7 days in both forms. If you keep opened feta blocks in their brine or add feta crumbles to a brine, they should last approximately a month. You may also keep feta blocks in olive oil for around 2 weeks.

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