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If you’re air frying your french fries, you’ll probably want them to be nice and crispy. Understanding which oil is finest for air fryer french fries can help you crisp your fries to perfection.

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This article will investigate which oil is the best to use when frying french fries in an air fryer.

Best Oil To Use In An Air Fryer For French Fries

While cooking french fries in an air fryer, you don’t need to use any oil. Nonetheless, it may aid in the crisping of the french fries.

Which oil is the finest for air-frying french fries? These are some of our favorite oil picks:

  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • Olive Oil Extra Virgin
  • The Avocado Oil
  • Sesame Seed Oil
  • Oil from Walnuts

Olive Oil

Because of its high smoke point, olive oil is regarded as one of the greatest cooking oils. This implies that olive oil can withstand high heat without being charred. Olive oil is widely recognized as one of the healthiest cooking oils to use, with several health advantages.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

When compared to extra virgin olive oil, olive oil is superior at cooking at high temperatures. However, extra virgin olive oil can handle the temperature at which you would air fry french fries. Extra virgin olive oil has more health advantages than regular olive oil and includes a variety of vitamins and minerals. Read our blog article to discover more about the distinctions between olive oil and extra virgin olive oil.

Avocado Oil

Avocado oil has a high smoke point, making it perfect for air frying french fries. Avocado oil has a mild flavor that will not overshadow your french fries. Apart from its culinary merits, avocado oil has several health benefits, including a high amount of oleic acid, which is helpful to the body.

These are the top tasting air fryer oils for french fries:

Sesame Oil

Sesame oil is one of the most delicious oils to use on french fries. It may give your fries a somewhat nutty flavor while also fitting perfectly in your air fryer. Sesame oil has a mild smoke point, which means it can withstand the heat reached by your air fryer.

Walnut Oil

Walnut oil has a somewhat stronger flavor than sesame oil. Walnut oil will give your french fries a more nutty flavor. It is not as healthful as sesame oil, hence it is not as often recommended.

Here’s an easy recipe for flavoring your air-fried french fries with the finest oil:

Add Oil

Toss your uncooked french fries with 2 tablespoons sesame oil. Fill the air fryer basket halfway with french fries.

Cook On High

Fry the fries for 10 minutes on high heat.

Turn The Fries

Halfway through the cooking period, turn the french fries in the basket.

How Do You Crisp French Fries In An Air Fryer?

As you cook your french fries in the air fryer, you can easily ensure that they are crispy. Soaking the french fries in water for ten minutes will assist to eliminate the starch. This extra step may make a big difference in how crispy your french fries come out.

Why aren’t my air fryer fries crispy? Your fries may not be crispy for two reasons.

  • When they were air fried, the air may not have been hot enough.
  • When the air fryer basket was too full, the fries did not cook evenly.

To ensure that all of your french fries are done and crispy, fry them at a high temperature in short batches.

Why Do You Have To Soak Potatoes Before Air Frying?

Soaking potatoes before air frying them helps eliminate the starch on the potato’s outsides. Potatoes have a lot of starch by nature, and soaking in water is the greatest way to minimize this.

If you minimize the starch content of your potatoes, your french fries will crisp up beautifully when cooked in the air fryer.

How Much Oil Do You Put In An Air Fryer For French Fries?

Do you use oil on your air fryer fries? Yeah, you can do that, but it isn’t really essential. If you do not wish to use any oil while frying your french fries in your air fryer, the fries will still cook beautifully.

If you opt to use some oil, you won’t need much. We suggest using a modest quantity of oil for each batch of french fries you want to cook. The less oil you use while frying your fries in the air fryer, the lower the fat and calorie content of the fries. This will make the fries more healthier in general, which is one of the finest aspects of using an air fryer.

Heating french fries in an air fryer is a popular option since it is a healthier method to prepare french fries. Since the air in the air fryer cooks, you won’t need as much oil, making it a more healthier alternative. For frying french fries in an air fryer, we suggest using just 2 tablespoons of your preferred oil.

How Long Should You Air Fry French Fries?

The most typical length of time utilized to ensure that your french fries are correctly cooked is 12-15 minutes. Cook your fries for no more than 15 minutes at 380 degrees Fahrenheit. This will help them to get the desired crunchiness.

Are you used to cooking at Celsius? Preheat the air fryer to 193° Celsius.

While frying french fries in an air fryer, it is preferable not to overfill the basket. After all, we want to ensure that all of the fries are uniformly cooked.

French Fries In Air Fryer Temperature

If you want to air fry frozen french fries, preheating your air fryer to 400 degrees Fahrenheit is a good starting point. 204 degrees Celsius is equivalent to 400 degrees Fahrenheit. When you heat your air fryer to this temperature, the french fries will cook fully while getting crispy on the exterior.

Shake the air fryer basket to distribute the frozen fries. This will ensure that the fries are distributed evenly. Frozen french fries should be cooked for 10 minutes at 400 degrees Fahrenheit. This will enable them to cook nicely in your air fryer.

If you are air frying fresh french fries, a colder temperature will be more effective. A temperature (such as 325 degrees Fahrenheit) will suffice. 162 degrees Celsius = 325 degrees Fahrenheit.

How To Cook Frozen French Fries In An Air Fryer

Here’s how to cook frozen french fries in your air fryer:

You will require:

  • (Of course!) an air fryer of your choosing
  • Frozen french fries (eyeball an amount enough for two people)
  • 1 tablespoon of your preferred oil


  1. Preheat your air fryer to 400 degrees F. (or 204 degrees Celsius).
  2. Place your frozen fries in the air fryer basket. Shake the air fryer basket so that the fries are equally spread out to help them cook evenly.
  3. In the air fryer, cook the frozen fries for 10 minutes.
  4. Check to make sure the frozen french fries do not burn. Shake the air fryer basket halfway through the cooking period to achieve this.

FAQs On Oils For Air Frying French Fries

What Oils Should Not Be Used In Air Fryer?

The only oil we would not suggest using in an air fryer is coconut oil. When heated at high temperatures, coconut oil readily burns. As the temperature of the coconut exceeds 350 degrees Fahrenheit (176 degrees Celsius), it begins to burn. While frying french fries, air fryers typically cook at higher temperatures.

What Is The Best Oil To Air Fry With?

If you want to add a nice crisp to your french fries without adding any more flavor, we suggest using olive oil. If you want to add a little flavor to your fries, we suggest using a nutty sesame oil.

Do You Spray Oil On Frozen French Fries In Air Fryer

There is no need to use a lot of additional oil while frying frozen french fries. Before being packed, frozen fries are fully prepared and fried in oil. As a result, you won’t need to spray additional oil to keep the frozen fries from sticking to the air fryer basket. If you want to add flavor to your frozen french fries, spray some oil over them, such as sesame, which will offer a nutty taste. When preparing frozen fries for air fryer cooking, adding oil is a personal preference rather than a necessity.

Choose An Oil With A High Smoke Point

If you’re going to cook your french fries in an air fryer, be sure you choose an oil with a high smoke point. A high smoke point indicates that the oil will not burn at high temperatures.

You will need to utilize a fairly high temperature while frying your french fries in the air fryer. Selecting the right oil to use is a matter of personal taste. But, ensuring that the oil has a high smoke point is essential for crispy, unburnt fries!

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What is the best oil to use to french fries for air fryer?

Avocado oil, olive oil, peanut oil, grape seed oil, safflower oil, and canola oil are the finest oils to use in air fryers. When using an air fryer, corn oil, coconut oil, and sesame oil provide a lot of flavor to the meal, so you may want to avoid using them while frying your favorite dishes. What exactly is this?

How do you crisp french fries in an air fryer?

To reheat french fries in an air fryer, preheat the kitchen appliance to 350°F. Next, for three to five minutes, arrange the fries in a single layer within the basket. Unlike warming fries in the microwave, reheating fries in the air fryer keeps them crisp.

What is the secret to making crispy french fries?

Soak the potato slices for at least one hour and up to overnight in cold water. The longer the procedure, the better since it eliminates the starch, resulting in super crispy fries.

Why aren t my air fryer french fries crispy?

Why isn’t my air fryer food crispy? Your food will not be crispy if the air is not heated enough or if the basket is overcrowded. Preheat the air fryer for at least 3 minutes before using, and work in batches as necessary.

What oil does Mcdonald’s use for french fries?

Once in our kitchens, we fry them in our canola-blend oil so they are crispy and hot to your liking. Do you want to know more about our fry ingredients? Get the lowdown on how we season our fries.

Why soak fries before air frying?

Soaking the potatoes after they’ve been chopped extracts part of the starch that potatoes naturally contain. This will provide a crispier fry. A thirty-minute soak in cold water is sufficient, although you may soak them for longer if desired. Before frying the potatoes, make sure they are completely dry.

Can you use pam for french fries in air fryer?

In your air fryer, never use aerosol spray cans. Aerosol spray cans (such as Pam and similar brands) have been linked to chipping in several Air Fryer baskets. The harsh compounds in aerosol cans simply do not mix with the coating of most baskets. It’s essential to get a high-quality oil mister or container.

How to make french fries tastier?

For added taste, add herbs and spices.

“Add some gourmet flare to your fries by dusting them with garlic powder, fresh rosemary, seasoned salt, or fresh virgin-olive [oil] or truffle oil,” Koeppe suggests. A sprinkle of oil, in addition to providing taste, may help prevent fries from sticking together in the oven.

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