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There’s nothing like a nice bowl of creamy mashed potatoes. Is there, however, a milk replacement for mashed potatoes if you run out?

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There is, in fact, one!

And you’ll be relieved to hear that there are several milk replacements for mashed potatoes. But, some of these alternatives may be used in place of milk in the future! Join us as we look at the various milk substitutes you probably already have in your fridge.

Creamy Mashed Potatoes Without Milk

It is possible to make creamy mashed potatoes without using milk. All you simply need is a liquid to replace the milk; however, the liquid you pick will have a significant impact on the taste and texture of your potatoes.

Continue reading to discover our top choices for milk substitutes in mashed potatoes.

Best Milk Substitute For Mashed Potatoes

The following are our best picks for milk substitutes in mashed potatoes:

  • The sour cream
  • Extra Thick Cream
  • White Cream
  • Yogurt
  • Chicken Stock
  • Water and Butter (Or Butter Substitute)
  • Buttermilk

With the exception of water, heavy cream, and a few other substitutes, most of these substitutions will be done at a 1:1 ratio for milk, as you’ll see in the next portions.

Can You Use Water Instead of Milk For Mashed Potatoes?

Yes, you may substitute water for milk in mashed potatoes; but, you will need to compensate for the richness and creaminess that your potatoes would lack.

We suggest using less water and compensating with butter since water is bland and might possibly make your mashed potatoes soupy. If the butter is too rich for you, use margarine or vegan butter.

While adding water, use a little amount at a time to bring the mashed potatoes to the appropriate consistency. Finally, to enhance the flavor, add a pat or two (or three or four) of butter and some spices.

Since water has no taste, we highly advise you to season mashed potatoes cooked with butter and water. Try a garlic and herb combination, or season with salt, pepper, and your favorite cheese to add flavor.

Is It Better to Use Milk or Heavy Cream for Mashed Potatoes?

You are free to utilize either. Heavy cream, on the other hand, has a richer and creamier flavor and has more calories than milk.

If that appeals to you, feel free to substitute heavy cream for the milk. You may want to use somewhat less heavy cream than milk while doing so to avoid overwhelming the potatoes. When it comes to heavy cream, a little goes a long way, particularly if you’re going to add butter and cheese to the mix. Begin with whatever quantity of milk you typically use, then gradually increase the amount of heavy cream to taste.

Can You Use Light Cream Instead of Milk in Mashed Potatoes?

Light cream is another good substitute for milk in mashed potatoes. Since light cream has 18% butterfat, it is a fantastic choice for keeping calories lower than heavy cream while imparting richness and taste.

Nonetheless, we suggest going low on the light cream since it might overshadow your potatoes just like heavy cream. Start with roughly half the quantity of milk you typically use in your mashed potatoes recipe and gradually increase as needed.

Can You Substitute Chicken Broth For Milk in Mashed Potatoes?

Indeed, you may use chicken broth for milk in mashed potatoes, and many people prefer to make them this way.

You should be aware that adding chicken broth (or stock) to your mashed potatoes can give them a deeper, meatier taste. It’s convenient since the lack of milk may make mashed potatoes taste bland, particularly if you leave off the butter. Chicken stock provides salinity and flavor, which may be combined with garlic, herbs, and spices to bring your mashed potatoes to life, whether you use dairy or not.

Can I Substitute Sour Cream For Milk in Mashed Potatoes?

Indeed, you may use sour cream instead of milk in mashed potatoes, and we encourage it!

Sour cream has a rich, somewhat sour flavor that may add flavor as well as volume to your mashed potatoes. It may also make your mashed potatoes incredibly creamy and silky, which is very useful when you don’t have any milk!

Can Yogurt Be Used Instead of Milk in Mashed Potatoes?

Absolutely, yogurt may replace milk in mashed potatoes. The finished product will taste similar to sour cream but with a tangier aftertaste.

If you like the sour taste of yogurt, this is a great replacement. If you don’t, try adding a dollop of yogurt, additional butter, and a splash of chicken stock to help smooth down the taste. The yogurt will provide smoothness, while the butter and stock will add flavor.

Substitute Mayo For Milk in Mashed Potatoes

While mayonnaise is a fantastic creamy alternative for milk in mashed potatoes, be advised that adding mayonnaise to mashed potatoes results in a somewhat mayo-ey finish.

If this is OK to you, then go ahead and replace mayo for milk in your mashed potatoes. If you’re not a big lover of mayonnaise, we suggest skipping this one since the mayonnaise taste really comes through when it’s replaced with milk.

To avoid overpowering your mashed potatoes with this pungent sauce, go light on the mayo and just add a little quantity of milk at a time.

Can I Substitute Buttermilk For Milk in Mashed Potatoes?

Yes! Buttermilk is popular in mashed potatoes because it gives a natural creaminess with less fat than some of the other possibilities. Put buttermilk in mashed potatoes at a 1:1 ratio, and we’re convinced you’ll like the results!

Can I Substitute Butter For Milk in Mashed Potatoes?

With mashed potatoes, you may easily substitute milk for butter. Begin by increasing the amount of butter you typically use in your mashed potatoes. Following that, you may add extra butter to get the desired flavor and texture. While this is a high-calorie choice, the smooth and tasty outcome will make you forget you didn’t use milk!

Note: If you don’t want to use that much butter in your mashed potatoes, feel free to add as much butter as you’re comfortable with before adding one of our other substitute suggestions (such as sour cream, water, or chicken broth) to help keep the mashed potatoes lighter while still maintaining a creamy consistency.

Can Non-Dairy Milk Be Used in Mashed Potatoes?

Mash potatoes may be made using nondairy milk. But, do so at your own risk.

Whereas nondairy milk may be used in place of conventional milk in many recipes, it is not recommended for mashed potatoes. With the exception of soy, most non-dairy milks have a strong flavor that you can immediately discern in the potatoes. As a result, swapping ordinary milk with coconut or almond milk will result in mashed potatoes that taste like coconut or almond. If that’s OK with you, go for it!

If not, you may decide to use water with additional herbs and spices or chicken stock with nondairy butter.

Instant Mashed Potato Milk Substitutes

Can You Use Almond Milk in Instant Mashed Potatoes?

Likewise, due of their strong flavour, we advise against using some nondairy milks with potatoes. Yet, some almond milk products have a milder almond taste than others.

What it ultimately comes down to is personal taste. If you don’t mind a somewhat nutty flavor in your instant potatoes, go ahead and use it as a substitute. If not, use chicken broth or water with nondairy butter to make your instant potatoes taste as they should without the need of milk.

How Do You Make Instant Mashed Potatoes Without Milk?

To create mashed potatoes without milk, substitute the quantity of milk called for in your instant mashed potato recipe with an equal amount of water, chicken broth, or nondairy milk (if youre okay with the taste). To add depth and richness to your potatoes without using milk, add a dollop of yogurt, sour cream, heavy cream, or a piece of butter.

FAQs on Substituting Milk In Mashed Potato

What can I substitute for milk in boxed scalloped potatoes?

When it comes to the finest milk alternative for scalloped potatoes, opt for chicken broth or unsweetened, unflavored almond milk when creating scalloped potatoes. Anything else may not deliver the desired flavor or texture. Avoid using water or anything else that is too thick. You might also use soy milk as a good replacement.

Best Milk Substitute For Mashed Potatoes? You’ve Got Options!

There are many possibilities for the finest milk replacement for mashed potatoes. We bet you have something in your kitchen that you can use to replace for milk the next time you make mashed potatoes, from sour cream to chicken broth and even plain old water!

Until our next meeting!

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What can I use instead of heavy cream or milk in mashed potatoes?

For rich, creamy potatoes like those served at fine steakhouses, add heavy cream or half-and-half. If you wish to cut the fat, use whole milk, light sour cream, or plain yogurt.

What is the best substitute for milk when cooking?

Use any of these 12 milk substitutes in your baking and cooking at home when you need a milk alternative.
… Sour Cream…. Powdered Milk…. Almond Milk…. Rice Milk…. Soy Milk…. Oat Milk…. Water.
More to come…
•May 25, 2022

How can I thicken mashed potatoes without milk?

Include a Thickening Agent

For what it’s worth, we advocate using cornstarch instead of flour since it has twice the thickening power of flour and is gluten-free. Mix in the thickening agent a tablespoon at a time, until the potatoes reach the desired consistency.

What is the best non dairy substitute for milk in mashed potatoes?

To create mashed potatoes, you may use any vegan milk. To make them even creamier, I combine nut milk with velvety, full-fat (canned) coconut milk.

What can I replace milk with in mash?

Top 8 Milk Substitutes for Mashed Potatoes
Butter. With mashed potatoes, the most frequent milk alternative is butter. With mashed potatoes, broth may be used in place of milk…. All Purpose Cream…. Sour Cream…. Cream Cheese…. Plain Yogurt or Greek Yogurt…. Almond Milk…. Half And Half Or Heavy Cream.
Dec 31, 2022

Which milk alternative tastes the most like milk?

Milk made from soy. Soya milk, a great source of quality vegetable protein, was initially a byproduct of tofu production. Many are supplemented with additional vitamins and minerals, and nutritionally, it is probably the most comparable to cow’s milk, with a similar clean taste.

What dairy substitute tastes the most like milk?

Overall, Wondermilk received high grades for its creamy, smooth smoothness and mild, slightly sweet taste. “It didn’t mislead any of our testers,” says Keating, “but they did find it closest in flavor and texture like cow’s milk.”

Which milk substitute is most like milk?

Soy milk is the closest non-dairy equivalent for cow’s milk in terms of nutrients. This is because it has the same amount of protein as cow’s milk but half the amount of fat, calories, and carbs.

What makes mashed potatoes better?

The Most Delicious Mashed Potatoes

To make them fluffy and tasty, boil them gently and season the cooking water liberally with salt. Don’t forget to steam out the extra water; leaving too much moisture in the potatoes leads them to be loose and gluey.

Can I use water instead of milk for mashed potatoes?

Can I make mashed potatoes using water instead of milk? Sure, you may use water for milk, but it won’t be as creamy unless you also add additional butter. I suggest utilizing the starchy water that the potatoes cooked in when making mashed potatoes.

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