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If a tomato is a fruit, ketchup is essentially a fruit smoothie. Right? No, not exactly. In this piece, we’ll answer the question, “Is ketchup a smoothie?” as well as our thoughts on why ketchup cannot be regarded a smoothie in the strict sense.

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Is Ketchup Technically a Smoothie?

No, ketchup isn’t exactly a smoothie ingredient.

This amusing inquiry is often asked by persons who have lately discovered that tomatoes are fruits. That is, without a doubt, a fascinating question.

Nonetheless, there are several reasons why ketchup would not be termed a smoothie.

Reasons Why Ketchup Is a Smoothie

Before getting into the several reasons why ketchup should not be called a smoothie, it is worth pausing to analyze the parallels between fruit smoothies and ketchup that may have prompted this debate in the first place.

Both Are Liquids

Fruit smoothies and ketchup are both examples of liquids.

Despite their different consistency, both flow easily and take on the form of their container. As a result, despite their differences, the two entities would both be categorized as liquid substances.

Both Contain a Variety of Ingredients

Ketchup and smoothies both include components that are blended to create a distinct fluid composition. Nevertheless, the ingredients and techniques of preparation vary. We will resolve any discrepancies as soon as possible! Yet, both smoothies and ketchup are made from fruit combined with additional ingredients to create a liquid that may be used for a number of reasons.

They’re Both (Technically) Contain Fruit:

As previously stated, both smoothies and ketchup include fruit.

A fruit is a fleshy or dry matured ovary of a flowering plant that contains the seed or seeds. Hence, a tomato is classified as a fruit, despite the fact that it is often consumed and thought of as a vegetable.

Most smoothies include typical fruits, particularly bananas, berries, and, yes, a very ripe avocado combined with milk, sugar, or honey. Ketchup is made from tomato fruit and additional additives such as vinegar and spices. Both include fruit and are blended with other ingredients, therefore they are comparable.

Why Is Ketchup Not a Smoothie?

Now that you’ve heard some of the reasons for why ketchup should be regarded a smoothie, it’s time to look at what distinguishes these two foods.

Of course, there are certain parallels between smoothies and ketchup. Yet it’s what they don’t have in common that makes all the difference!

Definition of the Word “Smoothie”

By definition, ketchup cannot be termed a smoothie. A smoothie is a thick, chilly drink prepared from fruit, yogurt, or ice cream that has been blended until smooth. Since ketchup lacks all of these elements (save the fruit), it cannot be termed a smoothie.

To be honest, blending tomatoes with milk, yogurt, or ice cream may result in something amazing. But it won’t be the ketchup we’re all familiar with!

Ketchup is Savory

Another significant distinction between ketchup and a smoothie is that ketchup is often flavorful. It contains barely a tinge of sweetness, but a smoothie is unquestionably sweet.

Although ketchup contains a moderate quantity of sugar, it also has a tangy, umami taste that complements hamburgers, fries, and other dishes. The vinegar, sugar (often high fructose corn syrup), and spices are what give ketchup its acidic taste and make it one of America’s most popular condiments.

Nonetheless, ketchup isn’t as sweet and heavy as a typical smoothie. A smoothie, as previously said, will include fruit and yogurt, ice cream, or milk. As you would expect, the end result will be a rich, creamy, and exquisite drink that you may enjoy guilt-free as a dessert or, in some situations, as a meal substitute.

Ketchup Isn’t a Drink

Ketchup, by definition, is a condiment, not a beverage.

Condiments complement other dishes by enhancing their taste. This is not how drinks are created.

Now, to avoid insulting your intellect any more, let’s just leave it at that!

Ketchup Is Cooked

Another notable distinction between ketchup and a smoothie beverage is that ketchup is often heated, while smoothies are blended.

Most ketchup recipes ask for combining vinegar, spices, and tomatoes in a pot and simmering for 10-12 hours, depending on the cooking technique. Fortunately, there are dishes that may be prepared in as little as 20 minutes. Smoothies are never cooked in either situation; instead, they are mixed and consumed cold.

Ketchup Can Be Served at Virtually Any Temperature

It takes us to our last point.

While smoothies are often consumed cold, ketchup may be consumed at any temperature. Whether you just opened a bottle from the fridge or made it from scratch over the stove, ketchup can be eaten at a variety of temperatures without sacrificing taste.

Is Ketchup a Smoothie or a Puree?

Do you want a straightforward response to this question? Neither!

Ketchup is neither a smoothie nor a purée of tomatoes. A tomato puree is technically tomatoes that have been boiled and strained to create an extremely thick liquid. While ketchup is made from cooked tomatoes, it also contains additional components such as vinegar and sugar that set it apart from regular tomato puree.

Hence, although ketchup is more like a puree than a smoothie, it should never be referred to as tomato puree.

Tomato Smoothie

With all of this discussion about ketchup, tomatoes, and smoothies, you may be wondering whether a tomato smoothie really exists. There is, in fact, one!

Tomato smoothies are feasible to create, however unorthodox. Nonetheless, if you have the correct ingredients on hand, you could be amazed at how well your smoothie turns out. Check it out and let us know what you think!

Tomato Smoothie Ingredients

  • 4 tomatoes, medium ripe
  • 3 teaspoons sugar (to taste)
  • 1 cup ice3 cup
  • a squeeze of lemon juice (optional)


Tomato Smoothie Recipe

Prepare tomatoes

Remove the tomato vines and stems. Thoroughly rinse and pat dry the tomatoes.

Cut tomatoes

Place the tomatoes in a blender and cut them into quarters.

Add lemon

Squeeze in some lemon juice (or leave it out).

Add ingredients

Add the sugar and ice to the blender.


Mix until completely smooth.

You may leave out the ice and mix your smoothie without it if you like. Pour your smoothie over ice after it’s been mixed for a distinct impact. Both methods are (surprisingly) tasty!

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Is Ketchup Considered a Smoothie? Eh, Not Really…

So, is ketchup considered a smoothie ingredient? The truthful answer is no. We can certainly claim that ketchup is not a smoothie since it is savory, serves as a condiment, includes spices and vinegar, and is cooked rather than mixed with milk, yogurt, or ice cream.

Knowledge, as Brian Driscoll puts it, is knowing that a tomato is a fruit. Knowing not to put it in a fruit salad is wisdom.

Very well stated!


Is ketchup blended?

Ketchup is not generally blended, however it may be made in a blender if desired. To accomplish so, we propose following the recipe for ablender ketchup.

Is ketchup tomato puree?

Ketchup is not the same as tomato puree. Tomato puree is often made from cooked tomatoes that have thickened into a liquid. Ketchup is created in a similar manner, but with numerous components added to the tomatoes that set ketchup distinct.

If tomato is a fruit, is ketchup a smoothie?

No, the answer is no. Just because a tomato is a fruit doesn’t make ketchup a smoothie. Smoothies are made with milk, ice cream, and yogurt. It’s also sweet rather than savory. Ketchup is a sour sauce that is used on a variety of dishes. As a result, the two are not the same!


Is ketchup a smoothie or juice?

Ketchup is not a smoothie, not just because it contains vinegar, but also because smoothies are cold, while ketchup is cooked. It is boiled before being bottled and sold.

Is ketchup technically a juice?

No, it’s a garnish. It’s created using strained cooked peeled tomatoes and additional things. Smoothies are created by mixing the components together. To the best of my knowledge, you don’t make smoothies.

Is ketchup considered a smoothie if tomatoes are a fruit?

Method of preparation: Ketchup is created by simmering tomatoes rather than just combining raw tomatoes. Smoothies are often produced by blending fresh fruits and vegetables into a drinking beverage. Ketchup, on the other hand, is created from cooked and processed tomatoes, implying that it undergoes extra processing procedures.

What’s the difference between juice and smoothie?

Juicing is a method of extracting water and nutrients from fruits and vegetables while removing the (very healthy!) indigestible fiber inherent in the food. Smoothies are fruit or vegetable mixes that include the full fruit or vegetable (fibrous skin and all).

Is ketchup technically a jam?

No, ketchup does not contain enough pectin to be considered a jam.

What bug juice is in ketchup?

Cochineal (additive number 120) or carmine dye is a food coloring that is often used in sweets, ketchup, soft drinks, and anything else that producers believe should appear red – even canned cherries! Cochineal is manufactured from crushed female insects found in South America on cactus plants.

Is ketchup a vegetable legally?

The USDA’s proposed revisions included no specific mention of ketchup, but once they were made public, opponents did the arithmetic and realized that these new guidelines might easily lead to ketchup being classed as a vegetable.

What qualifies as juice?

Juice is defined as the aqueous liquid expressed or extracted from one or more fruits or vegetables, purees of one or more fruits or vegetables’ edible sections, or any concentrations of such liquid or puree.

Is a pizza a fruit?

US legislators have declared that the quantity of tomato paste in pizza sauce qualifies pizza as a vegetable.

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