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Have you ever reached the end of your slow cooker cooking time and been dissatisfied with the consistency of the sauce? Not to worry! Here’s a simple instruction with six different methods to utilize your crock pot to decrease the sauce to get your ideal gravy consistency and the greatest slow cooked meals!

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I’ve added too much liquid to my slow cooker recipe, now what do I do?

Because of the nature of a slow cooker pot, you may discover that there is a little more liquid left in the result than you would have liked.

Whether you want to thicken a curry, Bolognese, or stew in your crock pot, one of these 6 ways will ensure you get the precise results you desire!

How to thicken gravy sauce in a crock pot or slow cooker

Make a roux, and add to your crock pot

You can detect this early if you are about halfway through the cooking period and realize that there will be a lot of liquid at the finish!

To prepare a roux for thickening gravy:

  • Put a small pan on the stove over low heat.
  • To create the roux, combine equal parts flour and milk or butter.
  • Keep swirling with a handheld whisk at all times, since this is particularly prone to scorching.
  • If you let the roux to boil, it will thicken and clump.
  • Continue to add milk until you reach the required quantity. Continue to add flour and butter according on how much you believe you’ll need.
  • Gently whisk in your roux to the gravy, little by little, until all of the components have been put to the crock pot.

You may proceed with the recipe as usual. Hopefully, this has solved the problem! If not, you might go to the next stage.

Leave the lid off

If there is too much liquid remaining in the slow cooker after cooking, it is recommended keeping the cover open for 5-10 minutes. Let the slow cooker to rest on the warm setting.

Since the top holds the vapors within the pot, removing it allows the surplus to escape. The keep warm option helps expedite this process while without overcooking your meal!

Add butter, cream, yogurt or egg yolk

My personal favorite approach to thicken a gravy is to add cream butter, yogurt, or an egg yolk to the mixture. This will not only thicken the sauce, but it will also greatly increase the taste of your food.

Which ingredient to use for what meal

Cream, Sour cream or yogurt
  • Green condiments
  • Soups
  • Stews
  • Green beans, peas, spinach, nettle, and other vegetables are used in recipes.

Yogurt doesn’t work well with tomato or wine-based sauces. Cream complements tomato-based foods the best. While adding these components, keep an eye on the temperature since higher temperatures may cause it to curdle. Merely put these items to your slow cooker on low heat.

Butter, cream or egg yolks
  • stewed vegetables
  • Chicken broth soups

Nota bene: These ingredients also give white sauce dishes a delightful nutty taste!

Puree a fraction of the mixture

If you haven’t yet added your meat, this stage is ideal (unless youre able to get all the meat pieces out of the portion youre blending).

Before beginning this step, take note of the time remaining in the cook cycle and put the slow cooker on hold.

  • Place one-third or one-quarter of the gravy (including pieces) in a blender and puree.
  • Return on investment (ROI) is a term used to describe the amount of money that is invested in a company.

The combined gravy should have resulted in a thick sauce, which will thicken your slow cooker recipe. Hopefully, this helps you attain your goals!

Add cornstarch

This step is a terrific gluten-free alternative to using all-purpose flour and may be added to any sauce. Cornstarch, unlike flour, gives a glossy, transparent finish.

Make a slurry

  • You’ll need equal parts water and cornstarch to produce a slurry.
  • Add one spoonful of cornstarch to each cup of liquid in your slow cooker recipe and stir until the sauce thickens.

Cornstarch is an excellent pantry staple to have on hand since you never know when you’ll need it!

Add potato

If you have dried potato flakes or instant masked potato in your cupboard, these are also excellent substitutes for cornstarch! Just follow the same instructions outlined above for adding cornstarch.

If you already have potato in the recipe, this is a terrific way to thicken it.

  • Grate raw potatoes into your slow cooker at least 30 minutes before the timer or setting expires to allow the potatoes to cook.
  • The potato absorbs the surplus liquid, resulting in a beautiful, thick gravy.

For future reference

If you follow a recipe and find that there is more liquid than you would have liked at the end, it is worth writing down the recipe to use less liquid.

This is a wonderful step to take for future cooking sessions since it will save you time and work!

How to Thicken Gravy in Crock Pot – FAQs

What is a good alternative to using a slow cooker?

The finest alternatives are a Dutch oven or a multi-pot. Check out my other blog article listing some amazing appliances and cookware goods if you’re seeking for a decent slow cooker replacement!

What is the difference between a slow cooker and a crockpot?

A slow cooker and a crock pot are the same thing. The Crockpot is a brand of slow cooker (which is manufactured by SunBeam).

Which slow cooker has the best reviews?

After scouring the internet for the finest slow cooker reviews, I discovered that the Cuisinart slow cooker has some excellent ratings and is reasonably priced.

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How to Thicken Gravy in Crock Pot or Slow Cooker

I hope you find these simple ways for thickening the gravy in your slow cooker dishes and increasing the taste with the things you add beneficial. This should result in the most delicious dishes you’ve ever created!

If you’ve tried any of the approaches, please let me know in the comments!

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How do you thicken gravy in a crock pot roast?

You may choose to thicken the gravy once your pot roast has finished cooking. The simplest method to do this is to whisk in a cornstarch slurry during the last hour of slow simmering. In a small dish, whisk together two teaspoons cornstarch and two tablespoons water until smooth.

How do you thicken gravy in a crock pot without cornstarch?

When creating a slow cooker beef stew, adding some flour to the soup may thicken it up without using any dairy products or cornstarch. Just add two teaspoons of flour to each cup of liquid and heat for a few minutes, stirring constantly, until it thickens.

Why does gravy not thicken in a slow cooker?

Since slow cookers never get very hot, any thickening may never get hot enough for the starch to expand – keep in mind that both flour and cornflour must be cooked. To bring the sauce or gravy to a boil, it may be necessary to move it to a saucepan.

How long does it take to thicken gravy in a crock pot?

In a small mixing dish, combine the cornstarch and 1 tablespoon water. Add into the crock pot with the broth and stir until mixed over high heat. Cook, covered, for 30 minutes to 1 hour, or until it thickens.

What are the different ways to thicken gravy?

Cornstarch, like flour, is another component that may be used to thicken gravy. Making a slurry with cornstarch is also an alternative, but only with 1 tablespoon of cornstarch mixed into cold water. Again, add the slurry in small amounts to avoid over-thickening the gravy.

Can I add flour to crock pot to thicken gravy?

Several recipes on the internet merely ask for butter and flour to thicken the stew. Although this butter-flour method works marginally, if the broth cannot be boiled, the flour will not attain its full thickening capacity in a slow cooker. That’s why, when using a crockpot, I add butter, flour, and a little cornstarch to thicken any sauce.

Is it better to use cornstarch or flour to thicken gravy?

It’s worth noting that cornstarch thickens twice as well as flour. If you need to replace cornstarch for 14 cup (four tablespoons) flour in a gravy recipe, use just two tablespoons cornstarch.

Is it better to make gravy with flour or cornstarch?

What’s the difference between making gravy using cornstarch and flour? Cornstarch has higher thickening power than wheat flour (since it is pure starch, while flour contains some protein). As a result, for the same amount of thickening power, you normally need a bit less cornstarch than flour.

Does taking the lid off a slow cooker thicken the sauce?

Hold the lid open.

While your food cooks, steam escapes, reducing the liquid and resulting in a thicker sauce. Please keep in mind that this may increase cooking time, so account for the time change.

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