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What is the weight of a medium potato? To answer this question, it typically depends on the kind of potato and what you consider medium.

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Even so, knowing how much your potatoes weigh may be useful when cooking or weighing ingredients to create the right recipe. Therefore, come along with us as we attempt to answer the question, “How much does a medium potato weigh?”

How Much Does a Medium Sized Potato Weigh?

In general, a medium potato weighs roughly half a pound.

Nonetheless, it is important to examine the kind of potato, the density of the potato, and what you perceive to be medium sized.

After these considerations have been addressed, answering the question, “How much does a potato weigh?” will be lot simpler.

A medium-sized russet potato complements many protein meals. Whether you want sirloin or ribeye steak, a buttery baked russet potato may be nearby. This potato will probably weigh 0.47 pounds, give or take.

Russets come in a range of sizes, therefore size is especially important when considering the weight of this kind of potato.

We’ll assume a medium potato can fit comfortably in an adult’s hand for reference. As a result, a medium potato will weigh around half a pound.

How Much Does a Medium Red Potato Weigh?

A medium red potato may weigh between 0.3 and 0.5 pounds.

Red potatoes are much smaller than russet potatoes. We will suppose that a medium-sized red potato measures between 2-3 inches in diameter.

As a result, a red potato of this size may weigh just under half a pound.

How Much Does a Medium Baked Potato Weigh?

A medium cooked potato weighs around 0.4 pounds.

Nevertheless, keep in mind that the above figure is dependent on how much the medium potato weighed to begin with.

If the potato was half a pound, the completed baked potato should weigh 0.4 punds or less owing to water loss during the cooking process.

How Much Does a Medium Sweet Potato Weigh?

How Much Does a Medium Size Sweet Potato Weigh?

A medium-sized sweet potato weighs around 0.25 pounds.

Sweet potatoes are available in a range of forms, sizes, and varieties. But, a sweet potato that is neither too tiny nor too enormous will be approximately 5 inches long and weigh around a quarter of a pound, maybe more.

What meat goes well with sweet potatoes? Steak and grilled chicken are excellent accompaniments to a medium-sized sweet potato. Yum!

How Much Does a Raw Medium Sweet Potato Weigh?

A raw medium sweet potato may weigh slightly more than a quarter of a pound.

The length of the raw sweet potato determines how much it weighs. Nonetheless, with most medium sweet potatoes averaging 5 inches in length, it is reasonable to assume that it will weigh around.025 pounds.

How Much Does a Medium Sweet Potato Weigh Chopped?

If you utilized all of the chopped pieces from your medium sweet potato and did not discard any, your chopped sweet potato should still weigh roughly a quarter of a pound.

Nonetheless, weight measures are very relative, and you may need to use a food scale to estimate how much your chopped sweet potatoes weigh.

How Much Does a Cooked Potato Weigh?

A cooked potato should weigh less than it did when it was raw.

This is due to the fact that potatoes lose moisture as they cook, which results in the light and fluffy feel of a baked potato. This lack of water leads in a lighter potato when weighed.

Hence, if you’re wondering whether it’s better to weigh your potatoes before or after cooking, the best approach is to weigh them before cooking to get the most accurate answer.

How Many Grams Is a Medium Potato?

A average medium potato weighing roughly 0.47 pounds will weigh approximately 213 grams.

How Many Grams Is a Medium Russet Potato?

If your medium russet potato is big enough to fit comfortably in the palm of an adult’s hand, it will weigh roughly 213 grams, give or take.

How Much Does a Medium Potato Weigh in Grams?

Some potato varieties, such as red potatoes, will weigh between 136 and 227 pounds.

How Many Grams Is a Normal Potato?

If you consider a regular potato to be a medium-sized potato, you will most likely discover that it weighs between 113-227 grams. It all depends on the kind and size of potato. For precise measures, a kitchen scale is your best choice.

How Much Is Medium Potato in KG?

If a typical medium-sized potato weighs between 113-227 grams, you may expect the weight of those identical potatoes to range between 0.113 and 0.227 kg.

Potato Weight FAQs

How many ounces is a medium potato?

A medium-sized potato typically weighs 5-13 ounces. The distinction is in the size of the potato and the sort of potato being discussed. A medium potato may be the size of a computer mouse to some, while it may seem rather little to others. In any case, you may supplement your measurements using a food scale and a conversion table.

How Many Medium Potatoes Equal a Pound?

Given that one medium potato weighs around 0.5 pound, it is fair to estimate that two medium-sized potatoes would equal approximately one pound.

How Much Does a Medium Potato Weigh? Around a Half Pound!

A medium potato costs roughly half a pound, however this varies depending on a number of variables. A few elements to consider when figuring how much a medium potato weighs include the kind of potato, the actual size of the potato, and whether or not the potato is cooked. We hope you found this information useful!


What does a medium potato weigh?

What Is the Average Potato Weight? A potato weights between 6 to 10 ounces (170 to 300 grams).

What size is 1 medium potato?

Size B (medium) potatoes: Diameter ranges from 1.5 to 2.25 inches. Weight: between 5 and 10 oz.

How much does 2 medium potatoes weigh?

To find out how many potatoes are in a pound, use the following formula: One pound is equal to two medium-sized potatoes (such as russets), which should fit comfortably in your palm. There would be three little potatoes for small potatoes and one big russet potato for larger kinds.

How many ounces is a medium potato?

A medium 5.3-ounce skin-on potato has 620 mg of potassium per serving, which is 15% of the recommended intake and higher than a medium banana (422 mg per serving).

What is the average weight of 1 potato?

A medium potato weighs roughly 5-10 oz (140-280 g) with the peel. The weight of a potato might vary depending on its type, size, and quality.

How many potatoes is 1 pound?

Regardless of type, large-sized potatoes weigh roughly one pound. Two medium-large white potatoes weighing a total of one pound will fit in the palm of one hand. two medium-sized

How much does a russet potato weigh?

One huge russet potato weighs around 1 pound. A medium russet potato weighs roughly 12 pounds. One little russet potato weighs around 13 pounds.

How many potatoes is 1.5 lbs?

One and a half pounds of potatoes is three medium-sized potatoes for white potatoes and Russets.

Do you weigh a potato before or after cooking?

As a result, weighing the potatoes pre-cooked enables customers to prepare them anyway they like while still meeting the calorie and macronutrient intake we’ve established for them. Uncooked measurements are just simpler and more precise.

How much less do potatoes weigh when cooked?

If you start with a raw potato weighing 200g, the baked potato will have the same number of calories but will weigh less. In your journal, you would record 200g = 150kcals if you used the raw figure. But, due to water loss after baking, the potato now weighs just 110g.

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