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Goat cheese is easy to squander, but it’s also surprisingly simple to freeze and keep for much longer than a few weeks. Here’s how to properly freeze goat cheese.

I like the flavor of goat cheese, but it is not always available when I need it. I also don’t want to purchase too much at once since it spoils so rapidly.

Fortunately, there is a way to enjoy this delectable cheese without purchasing more than you can consume before it spoils! This post will show you how to freeze goat cheese so you always have some on hand.

Can You Freeze Goat Cheese?

When dealing with dairy products of any sort, one of the most important concerns to ask is about preservation. Milk and its byproducts spoil rapidly, so knowing how to preserve milk fresh and for longer periods of time is beneficial. Yes, the answer is yes. Goat cheese can be frozen.

Goat cheese offers several health advantages, so have some on hand in the fridge for when you need it. However, you will need to know how to preserve it so that it remains fresh when you need it indefinitely.

You must take certain measures, which we shall discuss in more detail later. Because of its particular composition, goat cheese may be frozen. Goat cheese comes in a variety of flavors and textures. However, freezing it is more complicated than just placing the cheese in the freezer.

Important Precautions

When freezing cheese, there are a few things to keep in mind. You will need to remove the cheese at some point in order to serve it. You don’t want to remove a whole block and then trim what you need only to save a few cents. This causes a cycle of freezing and thawing, which is detrimental for the cheese. To prevent this, divide the cheese into manageable portions, thawing just what you need at a time. Another precaution to take is to gradually thaw it out.

Solid Goat Cheese

There are several sorts of goat cheese, and as such, specific steps must be taken to ensure that the type of cheese you have is correctly preserved. Solid goat cheese is sometimes sold in huge chunks. As a result, before freezing it, divide it into smaller pieces that you will likely utilize at a time.

You must be able to consume the part within at least five days, or within a few days, before it spoils and requires refreezing, which you do not want to do. Then, carefully wrap each piece of cheese in cling film. Make certain that it is airtight and that no air may enter.

After that, put the cheese slices into a zip lock bag. Check that there is no air in there as well. You can achieve this using a vacuum seal. It also helps to put a label on the packets stating when it was frozen, packed, and the expiration date. Keep in mind that you would have re-wrapped the cheese in fresh plastic, which would not have arrived with it. This implies you no longer have the manufacturer’s expiration dates. A label that you apply,

Spreadable Goat Cheese

Spreadable cheese is another kind of cheese. This is a popular option for bread and pastries. Goat cheese spread is similar to goat cheese. The difference is that spread cheese has a softer texture. Don’t worry about moving the cheese spread into another container if it’s still in its original container; the original one has the necessary sort of seal.

If you’ve already removed it from its original packing, roll it into a tight ball, ensuring sure there are no air bubbles within. film the cheese in cling film, ensuring care to eliminate any unwanted air bubbles. A vacuum seal may help to guarantee this. Keep it as a ball by sealing all the sides. After that, put the ball in a ziplock freezer bag. Once again, be sure to mark the packets so you know when to utilize the balls by.


After learning how to effectively freeze and preserve goat cheese, we must now consider how to prepare it for serving. To begin, carefully thaw it out so that it is still safe to consume. The first step is to take it out of the freezer and place it in the refrigerator around 48 hours before you need to use it. This procedure will assist to slightly increase the temperature, prevent condensation, make the cheese soggy, and adversely affect the flavor.

Then, approximately an hour before serving or using the cheese in a dish, take it from the fridge. Allow some time for the temperature to gradually rise. An hour before serving should enough. When you have a block of cheese and some free time, this approach works.

Another approach that some people use is to defrost it in the microwave. The trouble is that it just takes a split second to overdo it and end up with inedible cheese. There’s a significant possibility it’ll melt completely, which is bad if you’re searching for crumbs. You can’t turn it back after it’s melted.

How to Freeze Goat Cheese

Goat cheese is easy to let go to waste, but it’s surprisingly easy to freeze and save for much longer than just a few weeks. Here’s how to freeze goat cheese the right way.
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Prep Time 10mins
Total Time 10mins
Course Ingredient Storage
Cuisine American, European
Servings 1


  • plastic wrap
  • ziplock bags


  • goat cheesesolid or spreadable


Solid Goat Cheese

  • Cheese should be cut into 1-inch chunks. Wrap each cube tightly in plastic wrap, making sure there is no surplus air. Place the wrapped cubes in a ziplock bag and label or mark with the current date. You may keep it for up to 6 months.

Spreadable Goat Cheese

  • Roll the cheese into 1-inch diameter balls.
  • Wrap each ball with plastic wrap, making sure there are no air bubbles. Put the balls in a ziplock bag and label it with the date. You may keep it for up to 6 months.


  • Remove the cheese from the freezer and store it in the refrigerator when ready to use. Allow to defrost overnight.


How long can you freeze goats cheese for?

Goat cheese may be stored for 6 months and retains its taste throughout this period. However, once thawed, it may be used for roughly three months.

How long is goat cheese good for?

When maintained in the fridge with a tight cover, goat cheese will stay good and safe to consume for approximately three weeks. It may be kept at room temperature for around 2 hours if kept out of the refrigerator.

How to tell if goat cheese is bad?

In this case, your senses of smell and sight will be your most important allies. Goat cheese has an unpleasant odor and an odd tint.


What is the best way to preserve goat cheese?

When you arrive home, store the goat cheese in the fridge, properly packed, for 2 to 3 weeks. Soft or semi-soft cheese should be stored in a resealable plastic container. To keep semi-hard cheeses from drying out, cover them in parchment or wax paper first, then in foil or plastic wrap.

Can you freeze and thaw goat cheese?

Yes, goat cheese can be frozen.

Spreadable goat cheese freezes incredibly well and may be used as intended once thawed.

What happens when you freeze goat cheese?

When frozen, goat cheese will preserve its taste for about 6 months. Use the cheese within 3 months for the best benefits. After then, it will be safe to consume for another two months, although it will lose some of its taste and texture.

Does goat cheese in oil need to be refrigerated?

Refrigerate soft cheeses such as cream cheese, cottage cheese, shredded cheeses, and goat cheese. Hard cheeses, such as cheddar, processed cheeses (American), and both block and grated Parmesan, do not need to be refrigerated for safety, although they will keep longer if chilled.

How do you store goat cheese in the freezer?

Goat Cheese Freezing Instructions
The first step is to portion. Before freezing your goat cheese, consider how you normally consume it and divide it properly.
Step 2: Finish by wrapping. Wrap each individual chunk of goat cheese with plastic wrap.
Step 3: Place in a freezer-safe bag and freeze.
Step 4: Set a date and freeze it.

How long can you keep goats cheese in oil?

It may be stored in the refrigerator for up to 5 days. This marinated goat cheese may be used in a variety of ways, including salads, sandwiches, and crackers with fruit. The oil in which the goat cheese marinates is really delicious!

What cheese Cannot be frozen?

Finally, frozen processed cheeses and cheese spreads are not recommended. Hard and semi-hard cheeses with less moisture and more fat are excellent for freezing. This approach is often unsuitable for delicate, hand-crafted cheeses, processed variations, and most soft cheeses.

What cheeses should not be frozen?

Brie is the worst cheese to freeze.
Cottage cheese is a kind of cheese.
Fresh cheese.

How do you preserve goat cheese after opening?

However, once opened, remove it from the package and place it in a closed plastic or glass container in the refrigerator. Wrap types with rind that did not arrive in paper with wax paper before wrapping in plastic and storing in the refrigerator drawer. “You’re creating a layer of breathability,” explains Schad.

Why can’t you freeze goat milk?

Goat’s milk yogurts should not be frozen since the texture is undesirable once defrosted. As with other chilled dairy products, we suggest using chiller bags when taking them home from the shop and storing them in the refrigerator or freezer as soon as possible.

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