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Smoothies are becoming increasingly popular and are known to benefit your body and well-being. While some of the ingredients and flavors may be questionable, the smoothies are absolutely delicious. One of the most popular and best-selling smoothies in the USA right now is called the Detox Island Green Smoothie from the Tropical Smoothie Cafe in America.

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What Is A Detox Island Green Smoothie?

A Detox Island Green Smoothie is a smoothie from the popular American cafe known as Tropical Smoothie. This drink has a vibrant green color and a refreshing flavor.

The chain, Tropical Smoothie, offers a wide variety of beverages that are similar to this. Although this particular smoothie is known for being their most popular option. On top of all of this, this is one of the only smoothies on the menu that come with no additional sugar making it even healthier!

What Does The Detox Island Green Smoothie Do?

The main purpose of a smoothie is to make it easier for you to consume a lot of nutrients without having to take a lot of time by eating food. This does not mean they act as a meal replacement. They are incredibly low in calories so you still need to eat food. Smoothies just simply let you drink a whole load of nutrients really quickly and easily. Different smoothies will have different nutrients.

The Island Green Smoothie is very green, which shows it is full of ingredients such as kale and spinach. These are great for making sure you have all the fiber you will need. The leafy greens found in this smoothie are also really high in B vitamins. These help your nervous system operate more effectively and can also improve your immune system.

The ginger found within the smoothie has a lot of anti-inflammatory properties, which are paired with high levels of iron and vitamin K also being included in the smoothie. There are also high amounts of vitamin C found in this smoothie, which is great for general health and well-being.

How To Make A Detox Island Green Smoothie

Maybe youre not wanting to take a trip to Tropical Smoothie, or maybe you live somewhere where there is not one very close to you.

No matter your reason, making a Detox Island Green Smoothie at home is a lot easier than you ever would have anticipated.

To make the smoothie as similar to the Tropical Smoothie cafe one as possible, you are going to want the following ingredients;

  • Frozen Banana
  • Mango
  • Pineapple
  • Spinach
  • Kale
  • Ginger

Alongside these ingredients, you can also add your own supplements and vitamin boosters. If you have a fiber powder that you like to dissolve in water, you can use it in this recipe too. As well as this, you can use collagen and flax seeds as additional ingredients.

The recipe uses exclusively frozen fruits as they are a lot easier to keep on hand as they will not spoil as quickly as fresh fruit does. While the recipe may use this, you can use whatever you have available. Frozen fruit is ideal for storage and is also key to nailing consistency without even trying. If you use fresh fruit as an alternative, you will have to adjust the levels of ice and water you use so that you can get the ideal consistency.


  1. To actually make your smoothie, you are going to want to gather all of the ingredients you have available and bring them to a chopping board. It is entirely up to you how much of each ingredient you use, since it all depends on the tastes you want. A cup of banana, mango, and pineapple is required for the true Tropical Smoothie Cafe flavor. You’ll also need 2 cups of spinach, 1 cup of kale, 1 inch of ginger, and 1/2 cup of ice.
  2. Before you begin, prepare all of the components. This entails washing them completely with cold water and slicing them into tiny parts that can be handled by the blender.
  3. Once all of your ingredients have been prepared, place them in a blender or smoothie maker and turn them on. A great suggestion is to fully mix your smoothie. The last thing you want are huge clumps of kale or spinach that haven’t been adequately pureed. Blending your smoothie for 30 seconds to a minute is the ideal length of time.
  4. Storing this smoothie in the fridge will keep it fresh for a long time, allowing you to create a large batch and just have a glass every now and then.

What is in Detox Island Green Smoothie?

The ingredients to this smoothie have been listed above but here I will mention them in more detail to properly explain why they are used and what they are good for.

  • Mango Mangoes are a great source of nutrients such as fiber and vitamin C. They also contain a lot of antioxidants which makes them incredibly helpful for your immune system.
  • Pineapple Pineapple is a fruit that is very low in calories despite having a shockingly good nutritional value. Similar to mangoes, pineapple is very high in vitamin C and can also help aid digestion.
  • Spinach Spinach is incredibly high in iron. Alongside this, it also contains a lot of other nutrients such as calcium, magnesium, and vitamin K. These are all really important for having healthy bones.
  • Bananas Bananas are great sources of fiber, potassium, folate, and antioxidants. Not only are they great for these, but bananas are also really creamy when blended. It will help add to the overall texture of your smoothie. If they are frozen, they also help keep your smoothie ice cold. Frozen bananas are also really good for stopping your smoothie from separating.
  • Kale Kale is whats known as a superfood. This is because it is so low in calories yet it is incredibly high in nutritional value. Kale has fiber, vitamin K, and omega-3 fatty acids in it. These are all incredibly good for the body.
  • Ginger Ginger is famously known for being used in Asian medicines. You can add it to herbal teas to benefit you. That is because ginger has anti-inflammatory properties, helps aid digestion, reduces nausea, and helps fight colds and the flu.

What Does the Detox Island Green Smoothie Taste Like?

The Detox Island Green Smoothie has a varying taste depending on what ingredients you use and what quantity of them is used.

It is mostly a very fruity drink with some major hints of leafy greens such as kale and spinach. The contrast between the bitterness of the greens and the sweetness of the fruit is really nice to experience. It’s invigorating!

Alongside both of these flavors, there is also some spice and warmth coming from the ginger. I like to add a bit more than the normal amount of ginger. It tastes so good and is really healthy.

Is The Detox Green Island Smoothie Good for You

This smoothie is absolutely good for you. It has so much fiber in it and so many different vitamins that are key to keeping healthy. A smoothie is not a magic potion that will make you invincible or strong. Yet it will give you all the nutrients you need to be healthy while also keeping you hydrated.

For anyone who cares about their health but does not have enough time in the day to make several meals, I highly recommend making and drinking this smoothie!

FAQs on Detox Island Green Smoothie

What is the difference between the island green smoothie and the detox island green smoothie?

The island green smoothie has added sugar in it that helps compliment the sweetness and reduce the bitter flavor you can taste. The detox island green smoothie has no added sugar as it is all natural sugar from the fruits and also has ginger added to the recipe for some warmth and anti-inflammatory properties.

Is Tropical Smoothie considered healthy?

Tropical Smoothie is considered quite healthy. Like all things, it is best in moderation for the most part. While the smoothies are delicious and full of nutrients, they also can have a lot of sugar in them which is not ideal to have all the time.

Can you lose weight with Tropical Smoothie?

A Tropical Smoothie will not necessarily make you lose weight, but it can help you lose weight when paired with other methods. Staying hydrated in general is great for losing weight as it makes you less hungry all the time and will stop you from eating as many calories. The nutrition found in the smoothies will also keep you very healthy while you do things such as cardio to help lose weight naturally.

What does a detox smoothie do to your body?

A detox smoothie doesnt really do anything to your body other than supply it with a lot of vitamins that it may be lacking or need. All of the ingredients in the smoothie will be full of vitamins and nutrients and are all going to be super helpful for your body.

Detox Island Green Smoothie – Healthy Recipe You Can Make At Home

One of the most popular and best-selling smoothies in the USA right now is called the Detox Island Green Smoothie. Let’s do it!


Recipe Yield:
1 pitcher

Cooking Time:
1 min

Recipe Ingredients:

  • Frozen Banana
  • Mango
  • Pineapple
  • Spinach
  • Kale
  • Ginger

Recipe Instructions:

Prepare Ingredients:

Gather all of the ingredients you have available and bring them to a chopping board. How much of each ingredient you use is up to you as it all depends on the flavors you enjoy. For the authentic Tropical Smoothie Cafe taste you want cup of banana, mango, and pineapple. Additionally, you will also want 2 cups of spinach, 1 cup of kale, 1 inch of ginger, and half a cup of ice.

Clean Ingredients:

Before you begin, prepare all of the components. This means cleaning all of them with cold water and slicing them into smaller chunks that are more manageable for the blender.

Put in Blender:

Place them in a blender or smoothie maker and turn them on. A hugely helpful tip is to thoroughly blend your smoothie. The last thing you want is large clumps of kale or spinach that were not blended properly. 30 seconds to a minute is the perfect amount of time to blend your smoothie for.

Store Leftovers:

Storing this smoothie in the fridge will let it stay good for a while so you can make loads of it at once and just drink a glass every now and then.


How do you make a green Island detox?

To a high-speed blender, add coconut water first, then add banana, frozen mango, and pineapples, baby spinach, and ginger.
Blend on high speed for 30 seconds to 1 minute, or until the smoothie is completely smooth and creamy, with no chunks inside. Serve immediately!

Is detox Island green actually healthy?

Yes it is! A detox Island Green Smoothie is made from ingredients that are high in nutrients and low in calories. The fruits provide lots of fibre and Vitamin C, the green vegetables contain high levels of iron and vitamin K, and the fresh ginger has anti-inflammatory properties.

What is in the detox island green smoothie at Tropical Smoothie?

SMOOTHIE AND FOOD. Pair your favorite smoothie with a food item for a great meal and a gr…
ISLAND GREEN® $7.69. spinach, kale, mango, pineapple & banana.
AVOCOLADA™ $7.69. avocado, pineapple, spinach, kale, coconut & lime.

Is detox Island smoothie healthy?

It is an excellent source of protein, fiber, complex carbohydrates, and healthy fat, as well as vitamins and minerals. The smoothie contains no added sugar, and is also low in calories and sodium. It is also dairy-free and vegan-friendly, making it a great choice for anyone looking for a healthy smoothie option.

What is the healthiest smoothie at Tropical Smoothie?

The most nutrient-packed and healthy option at Tropical Smoothie Cafe is the popular Detox Island Green smoothie, thanks to its fresh vegetable and fruit ingredients.

Is Tropical Smoothie detox Island green good for you?

oz).cal) – a good source of Vitamin A and Vitamin C. Contains a low amount of risky components that may include sodium and sugars (0%Rich in vitamins and minerals (32.7%

How often should you drink green detox smoothie?

You can drink the detox smoothie throughout the day, as a meal substitute or as an addition to fill you up with vegetables and nutrients. How many detox smoothies a day? You can drink up to 4 to 6 smoothies a day to make a detox smoothie program as a meal replacement.

What’s the difference between island green and detox island green?

What’s the difference between the island green and the detox island green? Does the detox taste like ginger or do they taste the same? Hi — Our Detox Island Green uses fresh ginger and is naturally sweetened, while Turbinado sugar is added to Island Green for extra sweetness.

How much weight can you lose on the green smoothie cleanse?

JJ’s newest book, The 10-Day Green Smoothie Cleanse, is a proven plan to safely and quickly detoxify the body, and jumpstart weight loss. Most people who follow the plan strictly experience weight loss of up to 15 pounds in only ten days.

Is it OK to drink green smoothies everyday?

Drinking a green smoothie a day can help you increase the amount of iron and vitamin K in your system. These nutrients are essential for both red blood cell production and healthy bones. Green smoothies are also packed with antioxidants and immune-boosting nutrients.

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