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If you like preparing cornbread at home, you’ve probably encountered the problem of running out of milk. So, what more can you do? We offer various milk substitution choices for cornbread that may tempt you to cook cornbread without milk even if you have milk on hand!

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Whether you’re vegan, allergic to milk, or just out of it, we’ve got lots of simple substitutes that you probably already have in your cupboard. Are you eager to learn more? And let’s get started!

What Can I Use in Place of Milk For Cornbread?

If you’re searching for a substitute for milk in cornbread, you’ll be glad to hear that you have various possibilities.

Keep in mind that some of these variations may modify the flavor and texture of the cornbread somewhat.

Later in this piece, we’ll go through which substitutions may result in these adjustments to your cornbread so you know what to anticipate. So, for the time being, here is a list of the finest milk alternatives for cornbread:

  • Buttermilk
  • Water
  • Yogurt
  • The sour cream
  • Milks Made from Plants
  • Milk that has been evaporated
  • Extra Thick Cream

Can I Make Cornbread With Water Instead of Milk?

Yes, you can cook cornbread without using milk. But, there will be certain restrictions.

Water is a popular liquid substitution in cooking, and for good reason. Water is widely available and, for the most part, free. What is the issue? When a liquid component, such as heavy cream or milk, is replaced with water, the resulting cooked meal is drier, less creamy, and less delicious than if the milk or cream had been used.

As a result, we suggest that you always use a pat or two of butter combined with water in a 1:1 ratio in your next cornbread recipe to add flavor. Since butter is technically heavy cream, it adds taste as well as moisture to your food that would otherwise be missing if you had left it out.

Substitute Mayo For Milk in Cornbread?

Although we’ve never tried mayo in cornbread, our sources say it’s an excellent substitution.

To prevent sticky and thick cornbread, we suggest diluting your mayo with a little water before adding it to your cornmeal mix or recipe at a 1:1 ratio.

Just combine half water and half mayo in a bowl. Next, calculate how much of this liquid you’ll need to use in a 1:1 ratio for your cornbread. The finished product should be juicy and tasty.

Substitute Sour Cream For Milk in Cornbread

If you have any sour cream on hand, it may be used in place of milk if you don’t mind the somewhat acidic taste. Its thickness will give moisture, and it will be a much superior taste alternative than water alone.

4 cup of sour cream and cup of water. The water dilutes the sour cream, preventing the cornbread from becoming overly thick. To balance out the taste from the sour cream, add a dab of sugar, honey, pure maple syrup, or vanilla extract (but not all four). We suggest using a fourth part water and the remaining sour cream when substituting sour cream for milk in a recipe. That instance, if your cornbread recipe asks for one cup of milk, you would use three.

Substitute Milk For Yogurt in Cornbread

To use yogurt for milk in cornbread, follow all of the same instructions as for replacing sour cream for milk. To get the right flavor and texture for cornbread, use a fourth part water and the rest yogurt.

Although sour cream is already tart when used in cornbread, yogurt is considerably tangier! As a result, we strongly advise adding a touch of sugar or vanilla to balance tastes, unless you like the tart flavor. More power to you in that scenario!

Substitute Buttermilk For Milk in Cornbread

Buttermilk is often used in cornbread recipes on its own, so if you’re short of milk or just want to try buttermilk in your cornbread this time, try a buttermilk cornbread recipe to see how you like it.

When using buttermilk for milk, bear in mind that it may be rather heavy, making the cornbread thicker. To remedy this, we suggest diluting the buttermilk with another liquid, such as water, by half. This implies that if your cornbread recipe asks for one cup of milk, you’ll use cup buttermilk and cup water (or another compatible liquid) to obtain the correct texture and taste.

Substitute Half and Half for Milk in Cornbread

In a cornbread recipe, you may use milk for half and half, but bear in mind that half and half is considerably thicker than milk and will result in a larger crumb. If you don’t mind this, you may replace your milk with half and half at a 1:1 ratio; but, if you want a texture comparable to what you’re accustomed to when using simply milk, dilute the half and half somewhat.

Consider combining half and half and water in equal portions before replacing this mixture for milk in your cornbread recipe at a 1:1 ratio.

Substitute Beer For Milk in Cornbread

This is another another replacement we haven’t gotten around to checking out, although we do have a few recommendations if you want to try it. Since beer is a thinner liquid than milk, we suggest including a pat or two of butter into the mix before substituting beer for milk in your recipe.

Next, we suggest diluting your beer with an equal quantity water to soften the flavor. Of course, if the concept of beer-flavored cornbread appeals to you, go ahead and make it. Replace the milk in a 1:1 ratio to go full throttle. If you don’t want a boozy-tasting cornbread, diluting it somewhat while also adding butter might do the job. After done, your results should taste quite similar, with a few textural changes.

Substitute Cottage Cheese For Milk in Cornbread

Because of its density, we would not advocate using cottage cheese in place of milk in cornbread. But, we suggest including cottage cheese into the batter as a nice addition!

Several unusual cornbread recipes call for cottage cheese, and reviewers agree that this is a really excellent substitute!

To do this, use a cottage cheese cornbread recipe to ensure that your cornbread tastes exactly perfect.

Can I Substitute Heavy Cream For Milk in Cornbread?

In cornbread, heavy cream may be used instead of milk. To avoid the cornbread from being too thick, dilute the heavy cream. To get the desired consistency and texture, we suggest diluting the heavy cream with half water and half cream.

When you use heavy cream, your cornbread will be significantly richer, moister, and indulgent in taste. When you make this switch, you may also expect a considerable increase in calories in your cornbread.

Can You Substitute Evaporated Milk For Milk in Cornbread

Evaporated milk is milk that has had more than half of its water content evaporated off. As a consequence, the milk becomes significantly thicker.

Evaporated milk may be used in cornbread cup for cup if it is first diluted with an equivalent quantity of water. As a consequence, the cornbread will taste remarkably comparable to cornbread cooked with ordinary milk.

Can You Substitute Creamed Corn For Milk in Cornbread?

While creamed corn may be too thick to replace for milk on its own, you may be able to thin it up before using it in your cornbread. Even better, use a creamed corn cornbread recipe.

Substitute water for the milk in the recipe or any of the other suggestions in this article for an out-of-this-world cornbread with luscious creamed corn pieces concealed within.

Vegan Substitute For Milk in Cornbread

Is It Okay to Substitute Cashew Milk For Milk in Cornbread?

Yes, you may use cashew milk instead of milk in cornbread.

But, be aware that there may be a minor difference in flavor and texture. Despite cashew milk is rich in nutrients, the fact that it is largely water and cashews should give you a good idea of how the cornbread will come out.

Nonetheless, utilizing cashew milk will be significantly superior than just using water. Nevertheless, we suggest adding a touch of (vegan) butter to the batter to make your cornbread more moist and creamy.

Can You Substitute Almond Milk For Milk in Cornbread?

Using almond milk, like using cashew milk, is much superior than using water. You may not notice much of a difference as long as the recipe asks for butter.

Whatever changes you may notice may be due to a somewhat nuttier taste and a drier crumb. Yet, in general, you’ll be pleasantly delighted by the results of your cornbread with almond milk.

Can I Substitute Vegetable Broth For Milk in Cornbread Mix?

Although we haven’t tried it ourselves, we strongly advise against adding any form of broth in your cornbread. Depending on the sort of broth you choose, this may impart an unpleasant taste to your bread.

If you don’t have any of the aforementioned creamer alternatives on hand, you may use water in place of the broth in your cornbread. We believe you will be pleased with the outcomes!

Can I Substitute Coconut Milk For Milk in Cornbread?

Since coconut milk, like normal milk, includes fat, it works well as a milk alternative in cornbread recipes. But, keep in mind that the rich taste of coconut milk might easily overshadow the meal.

To utilize coconut milk in your cornbread, we suggest using carton coconut milk rather than can coconut milk. It’s possible that the canned coconut milk is too thick. When using this alternative, be sure you like coconut! Otherwise, the coconut aftertaste may put you off.

4th with water, and then add a piece of butter to the mix to reduce the coconut taste even further. Consider diluting your coconut milk to try to reduce the coconut flavor in your cornbread. Use 1

Can I Substitute Soy Milk For Milk in Cornbread?

Soy milk has a creamy texture. It has a somewhat sweet aftertaste, making it, in our view, the best plant-based substitute for cornbread. Like with the other plant-based milks listed, soy milk may be substituted for milk in recipes at a 1:1 ratio.


What are the best substitutes for milk in cornbread?

Try buttermilk, water, yogurt, sour cream, plant-based milks, evaporated milk, and heavy cream instead of milk.

Are there vegan alternatives to milk for cornbread?

Absolutely, you may experiment with almond milk, cashew milk, coconut milk, and soy milk. The most basic is water combined with a little amount of vegan butter.

Milk Substitute For Cornbread: There’s Plenty to Choose From!

You now know that there are several milk replacements for cornbread. When you’re in a pinch, you’re likely to have at least a couple of them on hand. When it comes to substituting anything for milk in cornbread, the possibilities are almost limitless, ranging from mayonnaise to soy milk.

That’s fantastic news for us, and we hope it is for you as well. Who doesn’t like a hearty chunk of cornbread?

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What can I replace milk with in Jiffy cornbread?

“JIFFY” mixtures may also be made with water or plant-based milk substitutes such as soy, almond, or coconut milk. With the corn and fruit muffins, pineapple or orange juice may be replaced for taste diversity. Feel free to try out other choices and let us know if you discover anything else that works well.

What can I use if I don’t have milk?

Use any of these 12 milk substitutes in your baking and cooking at home when you need a milk alternative.
Try These 12 Milk Substitutes.
Heavy cream, half & half, evaporated milk, sweetened condensed milk, plain yogurt, sour cream, and powdered milk are all options.
More to come…
•May 25, 2022

Can you make cornbread with water instead of milk?

Is it possible to make cornbread without using milk? You can, but the finished cornbread will be drier and crumblier since there will be no extra fat. If you must make this substitution, use around a tablespoon of vegan butter or coconut oil for every cup of water.

Can you use oil instead of milk in Jiffy cornbread?

Jiffy Cornbread Tip:

Instead of ordinary milk, use buttermilk. For a moist cornbread, add vegetable oil or melted butter. Instead of milk, use a cup of sour cream or Greek yogurt. This contributes to the incredible wet mouthfeel.

Can I substitute mayo for milk in cornbread?

As surprising as it may sound, mayonnaise may be used in place of milk when cooking cornbread for lactose intolerant people. You won’t notice much of a change in the flavor of the cornbread; it’s mostly used to keep the cornbread together so it doesn’t tear apart.

What happens if you don’t have milk?

When you avoid dairy, you receive less B12, which is vital for your immune system and helping your body fight germs. According to Harju-Westman, you may avoid this by taking a B12 supplement and consuming meals fortified with the vitamin.

What is the substitute for 1 cup of whole milk?

1 cup whole milk may be replaced with 34 cup half and half and 14 cup water. Heavy cream contains 36% milkfat. 12 cup cream and 12 cup water may be used in place of 1 cup whole milk. Yogurt is thicker than milk; add water until it has the consistency of milk.

Why milk in cornbread?

It was probably hungry folks who didn’t want to waste leftover cornbread, no matter how dry or stale it was, and used the milk to soften it up a little. Maybe someone had a little milk left in their glass and decided to bulk it up with some cornbread, which is how the drinking glass regulation came about.

Can I use mayo instead of milk?

3 tablespoons of the mayonnaise you’d use for milk. For every three tablespoons of milk, one spoonful of mayonnaise is used. Can mayonnaise be used for milk in recipes? Since mayonnaise is thicker than milk, you must dilute it with water or use 1 teaspoon.

What cornbread mix is just add water?

Just add water, stir, and bake. Makes an 8-inch loaf (Pack of 2)

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