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An air fryer breakfast sandwich may be quite useful for meal prep or just toasting a delightful treat. But, if you are unfamiliar with an air fryer, it may seem difficult to operate.

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Be assured, I’ll teach you all you need to know about toasting sandwiches and breads in the air fryer in this post. Not only that, but I’ll show you how to air fry a frozen breakfast sandwich. The recipe at the end will walk you through making your sandwich, including recommendations on what works best for freezing and how to freeze it and cook it in the air fryer from frozen.

You’ll never have to reheat pizza in the air fryer again after this! Alright, let us begin.

General Queries about Air Frying Sandwiches

Before I go into the recipe, I’ll address some often asked questions regarding air-frying sandwiches. You’ll be able to learn if you can toast a sandwich in an air fryer, how well it compares to other ways, and how long it takes to do it.

Now let’s get started!

1) Can You Put A Breakfast Sandwich In The Air Fryer?

prone to breaking apart. To toast a breakfast sandwich in the air fryer, just follow the same steps as you would for any other sandwich! Yes, you may cook breakfast sandwiches in the air fryer as long as they are not overstuffed.

Check the questions below for an explanation on how to do so.

2) Can You Use An Air Fryer To Toast A Sandwich?

You can totally toast a sandwich in an air fryer! All you have to do is be cautious not to burn it.

To toast your sandwich, throw it in the air fryer and cook for 5 minutes at 350°F. This is great if your sandwich has cheese, but if you want a lightly toasted sandwich, check in at approximately 3 minutes.

3) How Long Does It Take To Air Fry A Sandwich?

Toasting a sandwich in the air fryer takes around 5 minutes, depending on the intensity of your air fryer and your personal choice. If you want your toast darker and crisper, keep it on for an additional minute.

4) How Do You Toast A Croissant In An Air Fryer?

To toast a crossaint in an air fryer, coat the fryer basket with nonstick cooking spray. Put the croissant with fillings in the basket and bake for 5 minutes at 350°F. If in doubt, let them to brown and melt the cheese. Let it cool for a few minutes before serving. Refrigerate any leftovers in a safe container.

If you don’t want to use an air fryer, there are lots of alternative methods to warm up croissants.

How To Cook Frozen Breakfast Sandwich In Air Fryer

1 sandwich is made

Preparation Time: Defrost n’ Fry Time:
10 minutes 9 – 30 minutes
19 – 30 minutes total

I designed this recipe with the intention of preparing sandwiches in bulk and freezing them so you have lots of fast, ready-to-eat choices on hand. As a result, I’ve only provided the ingredients for one sandwich. This manner, you can quickly adapt them to your requirements and produce as large or as little a quantity as you need. Then, all you have to do is add some dinosaur nuggets to your air fryer and your child’s lunch is done!


Bagel, croissant, señorita bread or an English muffin
Cheese slices
2 – 3 strips of crispy bacon
1 egg
2 sausages of your choice (optional)
Cheddar cheese, grated
Paprika and salt


1) Preparation

  1. Of course, start by making your sandwich! Well. Sorta. Since, as Binging With Babish puts it, moisture is the enemy of the freezer, we’ll need to do some prepping. Then, pick the bread you’ll be using; we’ll be pre-toasting it. Toast it in an oven, toaster, or air fryer (follow my instructions mentioned earlier for toasting croissants). Pull them out when softly toasted and keep an eye on them so they don’t burn or over-toast. Let them to cool for 5 minutes after toasting, then cut them in half and cool again.
  2. While your bread is toasting, start heating your bacon and sausages in a pot (you can swap this out for spam, or any other breakfast sandwich meat). Place them in a pan over low-medium heat and cover with a lid to ensure equal heating. You may de-case and crush the sausages if you wish. I prefer to use caramelized onion sausages, but pan-fried or air-fried boudin can also work! Let them to cook for a few minutes, turning periodically. Remove from the pan and set aside to cool after cooked to your preferred texture or until browned (avoid undercooking the bacon).
  3. Add your egg(s) and scramble them without removing the fat or cleaning the pan. Add some salt and paprika to taste as soon as you put them to the skillet and scramble them. Then scramble some more. Add a tiny handful of grated cheddar cheese and continue scrambling until they’re half-cooked. When they’re done, place them on a dish to cool. Spread out the egg to allow it to cool quicker. After everything has cooled to at least room temperature, it is time to assemble!

2) Freezing

  1. Before you begin, be certain that everything has cooled to at least room temperature. To begin, take your sliced bread halves and top each with a piece of cheese. This will help to protect your bread from moisture-containing components. This is done so that when you reheat your sandwich, the other components will not get mushy. It will also block your ingredients from dropping through the hole if you’re constructing a morning bagel. Following that, add the Soggy Ingredients to one side of the dish, which includes the meats and scrambled egg. Close the sandwich with the remaining half, leaving the cheese in front of the bread. This is an excellent approach for preparing frozen foods. I even use it to make stovetop quesadillas on a rainy day.
  2. container, as long as it closes tightly and is of excellent quality. This is critical since poor quality glass Tupperware may fracture when frozen. After they’re done, just place them in the freezer! It’s finally time to wrap! Wrap your sandwiches in parchment paper, wax paper, or cling film, one at a time. Finally, take some aluminum foil and securely wrap them a second time (if using wax wraps). This is done to avoid freezer burn. Alternately, place all of your sandwiches in a well-fitting glass Tupperware container.

3) Defrosting And Air Frying

  1. The first step in reheating a frozen sandwich is to partly thaw it. To achieve this, I place the sandwich on a platter someplace warm or in the sun for approximately 30 minutes. In the meanwhile, keep it away from vermin and pets (use a cake cover or something adjacent). If this is not feasible, I will walk you through an alternate way in the following step.
  2. To avoid the defrosting step, you’ll have to reverse part of the previous work. Remove your sandwich from the freezer and cut it open. You’ll want to divide it into two halves again, one with bread, cheese, and some filling and the other with the same. Place both pieces of bread in your air fryer (sides up, if usual), and cook for 6 minutes at 340 F. At this time to add any sauces or seasonings you like before cooking.
  3. After defrosting, just put your sandwich in the air fryer and cook at 340 F for 2-3 minutes. If you defrosted your sandwich in the air fryer, just reassemble it and proceed as before.

Air Frying Breakfast Sandwich: FAQs

Can sandwich be made in air fryer?

prone to breaking apart. Sandwiches may be cooked in the air fryer as long as they are not overstuffed.

How long do you put a breakfast sandwich in the air fryer?

It takes around 5 minutes, depending on the power of your air fryer and your own preferences.

Freezing And Air Frying Breakfast Sandwiches – Is It Worth It?

When done correctly, freezing food may be a fantastic technique that makes your kitchen as waste-free and handy as possible. As a result, I believe that storing a batch of breakfast sandwiches and then air-frying them as required is well worth the effort.

If you’ve been wanting to undertake meal prep but aren’t sure where to begin, this is a great place to start. Afterwards, try making some quesadillas or breakfast burritos until you’re ready for the next stage!


How to make frozen breakfast sandwich in air fryer?

For 6-8 minutes at 170°C.
Put the breakfast sandwich back together.
May 4, 2020meat and egg on the side. Directions for Air Frying at 340°F
With a knife, cut the breakfast sandwich in two. Since the cheese will fly off if it is on top, flip the filling so it is against the bread.
Place the two pieces, bread side down, in the air fryer basket.

How long to air fry a frozen breakfast sandwich?

Preheat the oven to 330°F for 5 to 6 minutes. Next add your cheese and air fried for another 1 to 2 minutes, or until the cheese melts. Plate, serve, and have fun!

Can you put frozen sandwiches in an air fryer?

Why Using an Air Fryer to Heat a Frozen Breakfast Sandwich Is the Best Option. Unlike the microwave, there is no change in texture, so your sandwich will not be soggy! The air fryer both heats and toasts the interior. You won’t have to wait as long as if you were using the oven.

Can you cook frozen jimmy dean breakfast sandwiches in an air fryer?

Divide the breakfast sandwich in half, with the egg on one side and the sausage on the other. Put the biscuits in the air fryer basket, biscuit side down. 6 minutes in an air fryer @ 340oF. Reassemble and air fry for 2-3 minutes at 340oF, or until cooked through.

How do you cook a frozen breakfast sandwich?

Wrap the sandwich in a paper towel after removing the paper. Microwave on defrost for 40 seconds – 1 minute (about 50% power). Microwave the sandwich for 10-30 seconds on high power, or until warmed through. Reheat the sandwiches in the oven at 350°F for approximately 10-15 minutes, or in a toaster oven.

Can you cook straight from frozen in air fryer?

Yes! Frozen food fried in the air fryer comes out crispy and cooks faster than baked food. Anything from frozen meat to frozen snacks to frozen appetizers can be cooked!

How do you cook frozen breakfast sausage sandwiches?

Remove from the wrapping if frozen. Wrap with a paper towel.
Microwave for 1 minute 30 seconds on defrost (30% power) or until thawed.
Flip sandwich over and microwave for 50 seconds on HIGH, or until heated.
Let 1 minute in the microwave before serving.

Do you put frozen or thawed in air fryer?

You don’t need to defrost frozen chicken before putting it in the air fryer. You may just season the frozen chicken and place it in the fryer without having to thaw it beforehand.

Can you put aluminum foil in an air fryer?

The simple answer is yes, aluminum foil may be used in an air fryer.

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