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Have you ever wondered whether cookie dough ice cream contains raw eggs? You’re not alone. Eating raw cookie dough has always earned a bad rap, so why would it be any different in ice cream? That is an excellent question! Though each cookie dough brand is unique, we’ll try our best to explain why you could encounter what seems to be conventional cookie dough in ice cream.

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Let’s get right to it. A lot of cookie dough included in ice cream contains raw egg.

When you look at the contents on the back of many cookie dough ice cream packages, you’ll see that eggs are often mentioned as an ingredient inside the dough.

Of course, if eggs aren’t listed as an ingredient, it’s reasonable to presume that no raw eggs were utilized in the ice cream.

What about ice cream that contains them? Is it still safe to consume?

Keep reading to find out!

Despite the fact that cookie dough ice cream contains raw eggs, you can rest certain that your delicious store-bought cookie dough ice cream will not make you sick.

What’s the reason? Although the cookie batter in the ice cream contains raw eggs, the eggs used are pasteurized.

How do we know this? The USDA requires that any egg product (or egg that has been removed from its shell) be pasteurized before being marketed.

As a result, it is reasonable to assume that your egg has been pasteurized before finding its way into your favorite cookie dough.

You may not realize it, but uncooked flour is often seen as equally as harmful as raw eggs. As a result, cookie dough in store-bought ice cream will include both heat-treated flour and pasteurized egg. These additives make the cookie batter edible.

Homemade cookie dough, on the other hand, does not normally use heat-treated flour. It may also include unpasteurized eggs. As a result, eating uncooked cookie dough is not advised.

However, keep in mind that you may manufacture edible cookie dough (such as edible cookie dough bits or even red velvet cookie dough) directly in your own home. These edible cookie dough recipes often use heat-treated flour and do not contain an egg.


Bed & Jerry’s cookie dough ice cream is a fan favorite. Did you know you can create it securely at home? Look at this video recipe:

Yes, unless the ingredients specify differently, cookie dough ice cream frequently contains raw egg. These raw eggs, on the other hand, merely allude to the fact that they have not been cooked. These eggs have been pasteurized and are thus safe for human consumption.

I hope that helps! See you next time!


Can I eat cookie dough in ice cream while pregnant?

Yes! When you’re pregnant, store-bought cookie dough ice cream is a fully safe and crave-worthy alternative. Dig in!

Can toddlers eat cookie dough ice cream?

If the ice cream is from the store, your child should be OK with a small dish of cookie dough ice cream.

Is cookie dough in ice cream uncooked?

Although the cookie dough in ice cream is not typically baked, the flour used to produce it is!

Is cookie dough ice cream healthy?

No. Cookie dough ice cream has a lot of fat, sugar, and calories. It is, nevertheless, rather good!


Does cookie dough ice cream have raw eggs?

The majority of cookie dough in ice cream is safe to consume since the flour has been heat-treated and the eggs have been pasteurized, protecting you against foodborne infections such as E.

Does cookie dough ice cream have raw dough?

Because consuming raw cookie dough poses health dangers, the dough used in cookie dough ice cream is pasteurized and heat-treated.

Can a pregnant woman eat cookie dough ice cream?

When you’re eight months pregnant, haven’t seen your swollen feet in weeks, and suddenly have a yearning for Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough ice cream, you may be asking, “Can you eat cookie dough ice cream while pregnant?” Let us alleviate your fears: you absolutely can!

Does ice cream have raw egg in it?

While commercially produced ice cream is normally created with pasteurized eggs or egg derivatives, homemade ice cream recipes often use raw eggs in the base mixture.

Does Dairy Queen cookie dough have raw eggs?

This is because manufacturers employ heat-treated flour as well as pasteurized eggs, milk, and cream in their goods, including cookie dough.

Can toddlers eat cookie dough ice cream?

Cookie dough in store-bought ice cream is safe to consume since it has been processed, according to Heidt. Heidt also encourages parents to practice proper handwashing when their children make handmade decorations out of playdough-like material.

Can you eat eggless cookie dough while pregnant?

Some manufacturers avoid using these ingredients altogether in eggless recipes. This edible cookie dough is a safe alternative to ingest while pregnant as long as it includes these sorts of safe ingredients, avoids raw eggs and flour, and specifies on the label that it is safe to consume uncooked.

Is cookie dough raw or cooked?

Before baking, not all cookie dough is safe to consume. For food safety concerns, both the flour and the egg components should be boiled. What distinguishes Pillsbury’s refrigerated cookie and brownie doughs from others? We utilize heat-treated flour and pasteurized eggs, so you may consume our cookie dough cooked or raw with confidence.

How can you tell if cookie dough is raw?

Take a look at the shine.

This is my favorite method for determining when a cookie is done. When baked in the oven, it begins to lose or largely loses the glossy shine that raw cookie dough has. The dough becomes glossy as it melts. The glossy shine of the cookie turns to flat as it bakes.

Can a pregnant woman lick vanilla ice cream?

In general, ice cream purchased at your local supermarket or large box shop should be entirely safe to consume. If a soft-serve machine at a nearby restaurant tempts you, that’s acceptable as well, as long as the ice cream is prepared with pasteurized milk.

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