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Are you in desperate need of a last-minute port wine substitute? These seven greatest ingredient and beverage substitutes will keep you out of hot water.

Many people like port wine, but it may be pricey and difficult to get. If you like the flavor of port wine and want to ensure that your favorite bottle isn’t empty the next time you need it, we’ve produced a list of 7 terrific port wine alternatives. We hope this list helps you fill those bare shelves!


When searching for a decent port alternative, make sure that the tastes in the substitute are similar to those found in port and that the transition is smooth. This will be determined mostly by its intended application. Chianti is a Tuscan red wine produced in the Chianti area. It’s made from Sangiovese grapes native to Tuscany, Italy.

It’s a spicy, tart wine that works well as a replacement for Port. It also has some herbal undertones. Chianti has similar sweet and fruity aromas like port. Furthermore, chianti contains cherry overtones. However, it is more acidic than port and also drier, especially if used in cooking.

Because chianti has a drying effect, use less of it than port. However, it is likely to be lighter than Port.


It’s a red wine created from American grapes. The grapes are delicate and delicious, and the wine reflects this. It may be eaten as is or combined with other fruits to create new kinds. It is a dark-colored wine that is well-known for its low tannins and smooth flavor.

Merlot has a fruity taste that is akin to port. Its smooth texture makes it a good Port alternative. When cooking with beef or duck, Merlot is a great replacement for port. It also works nicely in dishes with tomato-based sauces. It goes nicely with dark meats and gives suppleness to them.

To acquire the appropriate flavor, replace Port with an equivalent quantity of merlot.


It’s created from the red grape Zinfandel. This wine has a fruity flavor and mild acidity. It comes in several types depending on how long it is fermented. Its sweetness makes it an excellent dessert wine, and it also goes well with grilled meats. It’s red, thus it’s a fantastic alternative for a ruby port. Pink zinfandel is lightly fermented and has less sharpness and acidity as a result. In terms of taste, it is not as strong as the flavor of red zinfandel made from a deeper red grape. It is fermented for a longer period of time, so it tastes stronger and more like blackberries.

Zinfandel has robust, peppery characteristics that may readily match the flavor of port. There are many types of Port, as well as several types of Zinfandel. To replace the lighter port, choose the lighter zinfandel. It has the same fruity undertones as Port. The distinction is that it has less alcohol than port. As a result, it is often utilized by novices.

To substitute it for Port, use equal amounts.


It’s a fruity wine created from grapes with black skins. It has a fruity, robust, and full-bodied flavor. It has a deeper purple-ish hue and a more jammy fragrance. It has a lesser alcohol concentration than port, but it still carries a 15% punch. This level, however, is determined by where the grapes are cultivated.

Its fruity but complex qualities make it an excellent replacement. This implies that it effectively duplicates some of Port’s traits. It also has some woody undertones.

You can use an equal amount of shiraz for port


This wine, like Port, is fortified and comes from the Portuguese Madeira Islands. There are several types ranging from dry to sweet. The one you pick to replace Port with must be appropriate for the role Port was performing. You may also acquire it in cheaper cooking versions that are already seasoned with salt.

It’s a fortified red wine with significant acidity, similar to port. It also comes in a variety of flavors that are similar to those of Port.

You can use an equal amount of shiraz for port

Dry Vermouth

This is a strong-smelling fortified wine. It is sometimes mistaken with a spirit, however it is really a wine with a hint of brandy in it. It also features an infusion of spices and herbs, which brings the flavor closer to Port. This infusion also has an effect on the color and taste. Because of its high alcohol level, it should be used cautiously while cooking. It is mostly used as an aperitif wine, which is a pre-meal wine.

It is fortified in the same way as Port is. The tastes are powerful, and as such, it is comparable to port. It, like port, may be used as a pre-meal drink.

You may use the taste test to determine how much vermouth to substitute for Port. However, in general, you may use the same quantity.

Fruit Juice

Fruit juice may be used as a non-alcoholic alternative for Port. It is often used by folks who do not wish to include alcohol in their recipes. Fruit juice, on the other hand, will lend a fruity taste to your dish. However, you may lose out on some of the punch that comes with port’s high alcohol level.

It has the fruity flavor of port. It’s ideal for dessert dishes. It is not suitable for soup preparations. Make sure you use unsweetened juice as well.

When using fruit juice in marinades, use less than you would with Port. If fruit juice is your preferred replacement, avoid soup recipes. You may add lemon zest if you think it’s a little flat and you miss the acidity of port.


What is a good substitute for port wine in cooking?

In a pinch, the test kitchen suggests using port for red wine and sherry for white, adding light brown sugar in 14 teaspoon increments until the alcoholic wine flavor is covered by the sweetness of the extra sugar.

What is a non alcoholic substitute for port in cooking?

Port – Concord grape juice with a hint of lime zest, cranberry juice with a hint of lemon juice, or grape juice concentrate. Lighter ports may be substituted with orange or apple juice. Rum – equal volumes of white grape juice, pineapple juice, or apple juice as specified in the recipe.

What drink is similar to port wine?

5 wines with comparable sweetness or tastes to port are Madeira, Sherry, Marsala, Zinfandel, and Late-Harvest Reisling. There is no ideal substitute for port’s deep richness and high ABV, as well as its chocolate, blackberry, caramel, cinnamon, and nutty tastes.

What is the closest drink to port?

Sherry. Sherry, like port, has a complicated history and classification system. It is derived from the Andalusian coast surrounding Jerez, but even that name is complex, since it has an English counterpart (Sherry) and an ancient Phoenician variant (Xeres), both of which appear on bottles of sherry.

What wine is closest to a port wine?

Merlot has a fruity taste that is akin to port. Its smooth texture makes it a good Port alternative. When cooking with beef or duck, Merlot is a great replacement for port. It also works nicely in dishes with tomato-based sauces.

What can I use instead of sherry or Port?

Another dry fortified wine, such as dry (white) vermouth, is your best option. Madeira and marsala in dry form are also suitable. You may alternatively use a dry white wine such as sauvignon blanc, pinot grigio, pinot blanc, or sémillon instead. In limited quantities, dry sparkling wines will also work.

What can I use instead of port or Marsala?

Madeira, another kind of fortified wine with a similar flavor profile, is the ideal alternative for marsala wine. Other fortified wines to consider are commandaria, sherry, vermouth, and port.

What is a cheap port for cooking?

Because it is the most cheap, Ruby Port is an excellent choice for daily cooking. Keep a bottle on hand! Ruby Port may be stored for a month or two and is delicious as a sauce on top of brownies, cakes, and even steak.

Is there a non-alcoholic port?

Port, for example, is a fortified wine comparable to sherry, and there are non-alcoholic versions available, such as this port from the Good Food & Wine Company.

What should you drink port out of?

Instead of serving port in tiny cordial glasses, use an 8-10oz white wine glass or conventional port glass, which will enable you to swirl and aerate the wine in the glass, allowing you to completely enjoy the scents and color.

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