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Weeknight, family, and meal prep friendly Keto supper dishes. From instant pot beef stew to cauliflower rice risotto, garlic butter chicken to vegetarian eggplant parmigiana, here are some low-carb dinner options. Discover your new favorite keto supper dish right now.

When it comes to keto-friendly meals, it’s critical to have a stash of tried-and-true low-carb dishes on hand for hectic weeknights when you’re low on energy and time. This will assist you in sticking to your diet plan without allowing impulse or ingredient limits to influence your dinner.

If you’re not sure where to begin, try these fast and simple keto supper ideas. These protein- and vegetable-rich meals are satisfying, flavorful, and entirely keto-friendly. We offer something for everyone, whether you want one-pan chicken recipes or meat-free veggie curries.

Eggplant & Lamb Moussaka

Moussaka is the definition of comfort food. Our keto moussaka combines eggplant and lamb for a low-carb take on a traditional Greek meal. Traditionally stacked with potato, we replace it with slow-fried aubergine strips and top with sautéed lamb and a yogurt-parmesan cheese sauce. It’s flavorful, with a hint of Mediterranean spice, and makes an excellent weekend supper.

Kerala-Style Beef Fry

If you like Indian spices, you’ll love this fast beef recipe. Kerala beef fry combines chuck steak pieces with typical Indian spices and coconut to produce an extraordinarily rich and spicy meal ideal for a supper sharing plate. It’s prepared in two stages, the first in a pressure cooker and the second in a pan. This gives it a soft and caramelized taste unlike any other curried beef you’ve ever eaten.

15-Minute Lemon Garlic Butter Steak

Need a fast meal but don’t want to sacrifice flavor? This meal just takes 15 minutes to prepare! Marinate your steak in low-sodium soy sauce, Sriracha, olive oil, and lemon juice for 30 minutes before searing it. Serve with zucchini noodles cooked in the same skillet for an amazing dinner.

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Crustless Taco Pie Recipe

This dish is basically a crustless quiche stuffed with taco tastes but without the carbohydrates. This meal is filled with ground beef, eggs, and cheese and is worth every mouthful. Add your favorite taco fixings, such as guacamole, tomatoes, onions, or sour cream, over the top.

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Vegetarian Eggplant Parmigiana

This low-carb eggplant parmesan is ooey, cheesy, and delicious. It takes less than an hour to cook and uses just a few ingredients, including pan-fried aubergine slices, mozzarella cheese, and homemade marinara sauce. Best of all, it’s simple to store or freeze, so you’ll have leftovers for days. If this sounds appealing, be sure to check out our list of our best keto eggplant dishes.

Baked Crack Chicken

This dish is ideal if you want to make something that the whole family will enjoy. This dish, which combines the tastes of bacon, ranch, cheese, and chicken, is very addicting. Simply prepare your bacon, make your chicken coating, and bake for 30 minutes.

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Skillet Chicken Thighs

In 30 minutes, chicken thighs thrown in a pan with a creamy, herby mushroom sauce? It sounds like a nightmare. If you’re in a hurry yet want something decadently rich for supper, try this recipe! Simmering mushrooms and herbs create a delicious sauce for your chicken.

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Boneless Pork Chops & Garlic Spinach Sauce

If pork is on the menu, try it with this delectable creamy garlic spinach sauce. It’s laden with decadent richness, nutritious spinach, and robust pork, all simmered together in heavy cream and chicken stock. It’s on the table in under 20 minutes!

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Garlic Butter Brazilian Steak

With this garlic butter Brazilian steak dish, you may enjoy a lovely char on your soft steak. All you have to do is season the meat, sear it for a few minutes each side, then set it aside while you make a luscious garlic sauce.

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Almond Flour Pizza

In only 10 minutes, you can make a great keto pizza with the same consistency and flavor as a traditional, carb-filled crust. What is the secret? The ideal almond and coconut flour ratio. Give it a go, but keep the recipe ratio in mind for perfection.

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Stuffed Cabbage

Stuffed cabbage is not normally keto-friendly, but by replacing the rice with cauliflower rice, you can enjoy this delicious dinner. Each cabbage leaf is roasted with a meaty cauliflower combination packed inside and covered with tomato sauce. Yum!

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Almond Flour Fried Chicken

Fried chicken is often high in carbohydrates. However, by omitting flour and substituting pig rinds, parmesan cheese, and almond flour, you can still enjoy fried chicken. Prepare to be wowed with a side of spicy mayo! It has a gritty texture. It’s both delicious and salty. Perfection!

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Shrimp Scampi & Zucchini Noodles

You’re in luck if you’re missing shrimp scampi. You can make a healthier, lighter version of the recipe by substituting zucchini noodles for the spaghetti. You’ll get a garlicky, lemony meal that’s worth the 25-minute prep effort.

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Low-Carb Meatball Subs

Meatball subs with no carbs? Yes! Simply substitute a mozzarella and almond flour dough for the carb-heavy bread. To make your own low-carb subs, combine the spaghetti sauce, cheese, and meatballs in your dough, wrap it, and bake.

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Chicken Taco Lettuce Wraps

This dish allows you to experience your favorite Mexican tastes while limiting your carb intake and adhering to a keto diet plan by substituting taco shells with fresh, crisp lettuce. The chicken is the star of the show, but don’t overlook the creamy avocado, tomato, and fragrant cilantro sauce.

Begin by marinating the chicken in taco seasoning, then grilling and cutting it into pieces. In a blender, combine cilantro, Greek yogurt, olive oil, and lime juice to make the cilantro sauce. Fill the lettuce leaves with tacos and serve!

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Cauliflower Rice Beef Stroganoff

Creamy beef stroganoff is the ideal comfort dish, but the thick sauce and noodles that it is often served with are not keto-friendly. To save time, this dish substitutes ground hamburger for beef strips and replaces conventional noodles with low-carb noodles or cauliflower rice.

You’ll also need mushrooms, onions, brandy, stock, cream cheese, and sour cream in addition to the hamburger meat. Brown the mushrooms, then sauté the onions with the ground hamburger before adding the brandy and herbs. To make the sauce creamy, add sour cream towards the end.

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As this keto empanadas dish demonstrates, you can follow a keto diet while enjoying cuisines from all over the globe. Empanadas are tasty filled pastries popular throughout Latin America. Although pastry may not seem to be keto-friendly, this recipe utilizes almond flour to reduce carbs to a minimum.

Make the filling after browning well-seasoned ground meat and adding veggies of your choosing. Roll out the dough and cut it into circles, then fold it into half-moon shapes.

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One-Pan Garlic Butter Chicken

This dish is ideal if you want a keto-friendly meal that doesn’t need much work. This dinner takes just 20 minutes to prepare and requires only one pan, saving you money on dishes. A thick sauce of butter, oil, sriracha, chicken stock, and lots of garlic cooks well-seasoned chicken. For added crunch, cook some asparagus in the sauce.

Begin this dish by sautéing seasoned chicken in melted butter. Then, take the chicken out of the pan and make the sauce and asparagus. Finish everything at once and garnish with parsley.

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Buffalo Chicken Cauliflower Casserole

A casserole is a terrific way to get a tasty supper on the table without having to use too many cookware.

Blanch the cauliflower florets for this dish. Combine the cream cheese, spicy sauce, ranch dressing, and eggs to make a sauce, then add the cauliflower, shredded cheese, chicken, and chopped celery. Bake in a casserole dish topped with shredded cheese.

Get the recipe here

Zucchini Lasagna

Lasagna, the classic Italian comfort dish, can be made keto-friendly by substituting zucchini slices for the noodles. You’ll also need ground beef, spinach, marinara sauce, and lots of cheese.

Brown the ground beef and prepare the cheese sauce for this meal. Alternate layers of meat sauce, zucchini slices, ricotta mixture, and shredded cheese in the lasagna. Bake until the cheese on top begins to brown.

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What is an example of a good keto meal?

With low-carb veggies or a salad, baked chicken Parmesan makes an excellent supper. “A delicious keto-friendly chicken Parmesan,” Texastoast says. “Enjoy this traditional Italian meal while keeping your macros in check!”

What foods can you eat unlimited amounts of on keto?

Enjoy an abundance of non-starchy vegetables including leafy greens and crisp salad veggies like cucumber, celery, and radishes. Cauliflower, cabbage, avocado, broccoli, and zucchini are also popular. Most veggies that grow above ground, whether fresh or frozen, are keto-friendly. A vegetarian keto diet is also possible.

What are the top 10 keto foods?

10 foods that are appropriate for a keto diet
Salmon. Salmon and other fatty fish rich in omega-3, such as sardines, mackerel, and anchovies, have been found to help reduce insulin levels and increase insulin sensitivity in persons who are overweight.
The oil of coconut.
The oil of olives.
Seeds and nuts.

What is lazy keto menu?

A lazy keto diet includes low-carb meals like meat, fish, full-fat dairy, and non-starchy vegetables while limiting high-carb items like bread, potatoes, sugary snacks, and certain fruits. If you’ve tried keto previously and found it too time-consuming, lazy keto may be a decent balance.

What do I eat when I first start keto?

The keto diet restricts carbohydrate consumption to urge the body to burn fat rather than carbohydrates. What do you consume during your first Keto week? Meat, veggies, cheese, almonds, and other dairy items are excellent starting points.

What kind of noodles are keto friendly?

Immi noodles are popular among ramen fans because they are keto-friendly, low in net carbohydrates, and tasty. Try our Variety Pack right now!
Noodles with Shirataki sauce.
Noodles made from kelp.
Egg Noodles with Low Carb.
Noodles with Heart of Palm.
Noodles with cucumbers.
Noodles made with low-carb flour.
Noodles made with spaghetti squash.
Noodles with eggplant.

What food do you miss most on keto?

Beer and cookies. Here are our top picks for low-carb versions of these items.As you can see, bread is by far the most often missed item, followed by dessert.

What kind of bread is keto friendly?

Bread is often made from refined wheat, which is rich in carbohydrates (carbs). Some persons on a low carb or keto diet may choose Ezekiel bread, cloud bread, eggplant disks, and other options.

How do you jumpstart keto?

7 Quick Ways to Get to Ketosis
Significantly lowering carbohydrate consumption.
Physical exercise should be increased.
Fasting for brief periods of time.
Increasing your consumption of healthy fats.
Ketone levels are being measured.
Protein consumption is being monitored.
Increasing my MCT oil consumption.

What foods keep you full the longest keto?

The following are some of the foods that they claim can quickly satisfy those troublesome cravings.
Mushrooms are a high-calorie veggie.
Sauerkraut is high in fiber, which makes it full.
Satiety may be promoted with coconut yogurt.
Green pesto has a lot of fiber.
Sardines are quite nutritious.
Include eggs in your diet.

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