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Recipes for silken tofu to appreciate this versatile soy ingredient. Vegan chocolate mousse, morning scramble, Japanese Hiyayakko, and Korean Sundubu Jjigae are all delicious options. Today, find your new favorite soft tofu recipe.

Tofu comes in a variety of forms, but one of the most underestimated and underappreciated is silken tofu. But, with so many amazing dishes that use it as a main component, silken tofu deserves a lot more attention.

Some people are turned off by its wet and jelly-like feel, but this soy protein component is considerably more flexible than you may imagine. While firm tofu may easily mimic the flavor and mouthfeel of meat in stir-fry meals or curries, silken tofu can be utilized for so much more.

Each of these silken tofu dishes is delicious, protein-rich, and full of flavor. These simple dishes showcase everything we love about this underappreciated form of tofu, from spicy Asian classics to chocolate sweets. Let’s get started.

Breakfast Scramble

Breakfast tofu scramble is a great way to start the day. This simple spin on typical scrambled eggs utilizes crumbled tofu and infuses it with powdered turmeric for a delicious golden color, while a dash of cashew milk adds fluffy texture. Ideal for a quick and protein-rich breakfast.

Chocolate Mousse

Silken tofu, with its silky texture, is a popular ingredient in many vegan sweets, where it may substitute eggs and dairy. Silken tofu is combined with dark chocolate and maple syrup in this recipe to create a simple but luscious mousse that people won’t believe is made with just a few ingredients.

All you have to do is melt the chocolate and combine it with a silken tofu and maple syrup combination.

Chinese Braised Tofu

Many savory tofu recipes depend on firming up the tofu so that it may stand in for meat. However, the inherent smoothness of silken tofu is emphasized in this braised tofu dish. It is first deep-fried to produce a delicious crust.

In addition to the tofu, you’ll need veggies like mushrooms and a braising liquid composed of stock and soy sauce. Stir-fry the tofu with the vegetables and sauce after it has been deep-fried to allow it to absorb the flavor.

Spicy Mapo Tofu

Mapo tofu is a popular Sichuan Province traditional dish. The spicy, comforting meal is a restaurant staple, but you can cook it at home with this recipe.

You’ll also need ground pork, scallions, and lots of Sichuan peppercorns. To prepare the sauce, first stir-fry the aromatics, then add the tofu and ground pork. Finish with scallions and a drizzle of homemade chile oil.

Sundubu Jjigae

Silken tofu is a common ingredient in many East Asian dishes, particularly Korean. Warming, spicy aromas, satisfying tofu, and fresh fish characterize this classic Korean stew.

Aside from silken tofu, you’ll need Korean chile oil, a variety of seafood and vegetables (clams, shrimp, and enoki mushrooms are included in the dish), and aromatics for the soup base. These ingredients are available at your local Korean grocery shop or Asian market. The soup comes together quickly and is a fantastic supper option.

Soy Sauce & Green Onion

This simple Chinese cold dish takes just five minutes to prepare yet is bursting with flavor. It is traditionally served as an appetizer or side dish with bigger dinners, and it might be a wonderful vegan dinner party alternative.

In addition to the silken tofu, you’ll need green onion, toasted sesame oil, and soy sauce. Simply cut the tofu into cubes, top with sliced green onions, then drizzle with the sauce.

Katsuobushi & Garlic Soy Dressing

To flavor the tofu in this meal, a simple dressing is used. Serve over rice for a hearty vegan supper or as a side dish at a dinner party to make it a complete meal.

For the aromatic sauce, you’ll need mirin, soy sauce, vegetable oil, garlic, and green onions in addition to the tofu. Make the dressing and drizzle it over the cooked tofu before garnishing with Katsuobushi bonito flakes (a Japanese smoked tuna garnish).

Tomato Salad & Soy Sauce Dressing

You probably don’t want to spend your day over a scorching burner on a hot summer day. This simple salad accentuates the finest of seasonal tastes. Because the tofu is served cold, the dish is much more refreshing.

You’ll also need tomatoes, soy sauce, olive oil, pepper, and toasted sesame oil in addition to the silken tofu. Cook the tomatoes in the olive oil and pepper until softened, then combine with the tofu and sesame oil in a bowl.

Japanese Hiyayakko

Silken tofu is used in traditional Japanese cuisines in addition to Chinese and Korean dishes. This chilled tofu recipe, or hiyayakko, is a favorite summer snack or side dish.

In addition to the silken tofu, you’ll need green onion, ginger, soy sauce, and bonito flakes. Drain the tofu and layer it with the other ingredients. To customise the meal, add additional toppings such as sliced ham or veggies.

Noodle Stir Fry

With this stir fry recipe, you can recreate your favorite takeaway tastes. Once you’ve learned how to create tofu stir fry, you can make it your own by swapping out the veggies with whatever you have on hand.

In addition to the tofu, you’ll need your choice of veggies (this recipe calls for spinach), garlic, soy sauce, ginger, and scallions. In a wok or pan, stir-fry all of the ingredients, then serve over rice or noodles.


Silken tofu’s silky texture makes it an ideal alternative in a cheeseless lasagna, demonstrating that the item isn’t confined to Asian cuisine. You’ll also need noodles, marinara sauce, seasonings, and veggies like mushrooms and spinach to prepare vegan lasagna.

To produce a ricotta-like filling, combine the silken tofu and herbs, then build as you would a classic lasagna.


What can silken tofu be used for?

14 Delicious Ways to Use Silken Tofu
Use it to substitute eggs in pancakes and waffles.
Create a rich, creamy pie.
Make an omelet or scramble.
Make an eggless frittata or quiche.
Make a creamy pasta sauce by combining all of the ingredients.
Create a velvety vegan dressing.
Boost the protein content of your smoothies and shakes.
It’s been deep fried.

What is the best way to cook silken tofu?

To make lightly pan-fried tofu, heat a nonstick skillet over medium heat with 1-2 teaspoon sesame oil or olive oil. When the oil is heated, add the tofu and cook for 3-4 minutes on each side, or until golden brown.

How do you eat silken tofu?

This silky tofu is exceptionally soft and delicate, making it ideal for eating with a spoon as a whole, but you can also chop it up into little pieces to offer. Using a spoon not only makes it easier to swallow, but it also aids in spooning out the delectable sauce to maximize the taste of the tofu.

Does silken tofu go bad?

Yes. Tofu, like other foods, does not have an endless shelf life and will eventually go bad; however, how long this takes will depend on the precise method of storage employed, how long it has been kept for, whether it is opened or unopened, and a variety of other variables.

Is silken tofu healthier than regular tofu?

The nutritional differences between silken and firm tofu are significant for comparable serving amounts. Silken tofu has half the calories and fat of firm tofu, but more than double the protein. This is due to the presence of water.

Can you eat silken tofu straight from the package?

How to Eat Raw Tofu Safely. Tofu comes in a range of textures, including silken, firm, and extremely firm, and all of them may be eaten raw. Drain any extra liquid from the package before serving raw tofu. Tofu should also be stored correctly to prevent germs from forming on any leftover bits.

Do you need to wash silken tofu?

After-washing odor is unpleasant.TOFU SOFT

You may rinse your tofu with water to remove any sliminess. If your tofu is slimy to the touch, continue to rinse it with water and gently massage it with your hands.Keep in mind that your tofu should not be sour.GETTING READY FOR YOUR SILKEN

What happens if you boil silken tofu?

Can you cook tofu by boiling it? : Yes, you can cook tofu by boiling it! This method works well in soups. Simply place the tofu in a pot of boiling water and cook until cooked through OR for longer (20-30 minutes) to produce a crust on the exterior.

What does silken tofu do in baking?

Alternatively, use a dairy replacement. It’s an excellent dairy alternative for creamy soups, smoothies, dips, and more. It also works well as an egg replacement in cakes, cupcakes, muffins, and other baked goods.Silken tofu is often used as an egg replacement.

Should silken tofu be refrigerated?

Refrigerate any leftover parts in an airtight container as soon as possible and consume within 2-3 days. Mori-Nu Silken Tofu should not be submerged in water. Tofu, being a protein source, is very perishable once removed from its sealed box.

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